What are the Top 5 Documents required when meeting a car accident lawyer in Spokane?

Every year, there are over 6 million vehicle accidents in the United States alone. When it comes to automobile accidents, Spokane is one of the most dangerous cities. You can obtain the reimbursement you deserve for your car accident injuries if you choose the correct lawyer. However, it is beneficial to prepare before meeting with an attorney for the first time. Continue reading to learn what all documents you need to get before meeting the Spokane car accident attorney.

Report from the cops

You may obtain a copy of your accident report in Washington by requesting it online for a minimal price. Sharing the incident with your lawyer will provide him with more information, including what transpired in the minutes leading up to and after it. The police report may include conjecture about who is to blame, which is valuable information for your lawyer to have.

Medical Files

Anytime you’re in a vehicle accident, you should see a doctor if you get an injury. You should provide your lawyer with the medical documents from your appointment, especially if you desire compensation for your medical expenditures.

Citations for traffic violations

Bring any tickets you or the other motorist got at the site of the collision to your lawyer. These may be used against you even if you were not at fault during the accident, so having copies of this information can help your lawyer develop a strong case.

Payment Receipts for Insurance Premiums

You’ll also have to present evidence that you’ve been paying your auto insurance rates on time. You can either present digital proof of payment or bring in the hardcopy statements that your insurance sends you. The evidence shows your lawyer that your coverage is active, giving them more significant clout, especially if the insurance company attempts to avoid paying.

Last but not least- Insurance:

Your lawyer needs a policy copy for them to establish what you may be entitled to from your insurance provider. If you fail to bring your policy, your lawyer should be allowed to acquire a copy on your behalf with your consent.


When you’re the one dealing with the aftermath of an accident, if you get injured, it might feel overwhelming to do it all on your own.

That’s why meeting with a car accident lawyer with full preparation is a good idea, so you have someone on your side.