Find Out The Average Settlement In A Pedestrian Accident 

Pedestrian accidents can be fatal. When a person is hit with the force of a speeding car, one can imagine the extent of damage that can occur. Life-threatening injuries, permanent disability, and death are common in a pedestrian-car accident. Wondering how much compensation you will get is common after you file for an insurance claim.

Putting a price on personal injury cases can be difficult. Each pedestrian accident is different, and people acquire different kinds of damages. Depending on your condition and how much your life is affected due to the accident, lawyers from King Law’s Syracuse office can work with you to create a rough estimate of your compensation. 

What is the average settlement in a pedestrian-car accident?

Finding out the deserved compensation amount in a pedestrian accident requires a thorough investigation of various things. The police or private investigators look into your case. They investigate your injuries, talk to witnesses and take their contact information, review photographs and footage of the accident, talk to experts and check the extent of property damage. The compensation is calculated depending on who caused the accident and how much the plaintiff’s life is affected due to the accident.

The main factor that contributes towards maximizing your compensation is your injuries. Therefore, make sure you visit your doctor after the incident and create documentation of them. Also, remember to keep records of all your doctor’s appointments, medications, and other costs related to your treatment. 

While one cannot produce an exact settlement amount without analyzing the case first, you can expect to receive up to $70,000 for minor injuries. Minor injuries may include a broken bone or whiplash. For major ones, like spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and brain injuries, you can expect to receive up to $1 million or more depending on the severity of your case. In cases of death, the deceased’s family can file a claim and get more than a million dollars. 

Can the pedestrian be liable in a pedestrian-car accident?

In such accidents, the pedestrian usually has the right of way and is rarely at fault. Moreover, in pedestrian-car accidents, the driver generally walks away with little to no injuries while the pedestrian has to go through a life-threatening condition. But of course, there are cases when pedestrians have caused the accident because of their negligence. Being injured does not necessarily mean that they are innocent. 

For example, if a pedestrian tries to cross the road in heavy traffic during a red light, the driver won’t be able to do much to avoid a collision.