Weed Edibles: A Guide for Beginners

Weed edibles are quickly becoming the preferred method for consuming cannabis.

Cannabis is becoming legal in more states with each passing year, which means more people have access to more weed products. Edibles are undeniably one of the most enticing methods for beginners because they’re safer and tastier than smoking or vaping.

In this post, we’re going to give you a quick guide to weed edibles. We’ll tell you how they work, give you some of the benefits, and showcase some of the best edibles out there. If you’re looking to get into cannabis, keep reading and you’ll see that edibles are the way to go.

How Weed Edibles Work

Simply put, cannabis edibles are various types of food products that are infused with THC and/or CBD. If you go into a cannabis shop to buy edibles, you’ll see gummies, chocolates, hard candies, drinks, and baked goods.

When you eat an edible, it goes into your stomach, then into your liver before entering your bloodstream and getting you high. What sets edibles apart from smoking or vaping is the length of time that it takes for them to hit you.

Most of the time, you can budget between 30 minutes and an hour for an edible to kick in, but it really depends on what else you’ve eaten. For that reason, it’s important to be careful when ingesting edibles. Always wait until you feel the effects of an edible before consuming more cannabis.

Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

There are many benefits to ingesting cannabis rather than smoking it. One of the main ones is that cannabis edibles can be quite a bit stronger, which is helpful for those that deal with chronic pain and inflammation from anything from working out to severe illness.

The fact that you don’t have to smoke edibles is a huge plus for those that don’t like inhaling things. This also makes it safer for your lung and heart health. People with asthma or other respiratory problems can use edibles without feeling adverse effects.

Once you find an edible you like, you can enjoy consistent doses that won’t surprise you. Precise dosing is difficult to get when you’re smoking flower and even when you’re using a vape pen.

What Are the Best Edibles

Since cannabis has been legalized in so many states, there’s been a steady stream of cannabis companies coming out with amazing edible products. Visit the HarvestHouseofCannabis, for instance, and you can purchase edibles of all kinds from a number of cannabis companies.

The Care By Design soft gels come in a variety of strengths for beginners and experienced users alike. The Hoppy Chill Hifi Session Beverage by Lagunitas is a cannabis-infused drink with hops to give it a beer-like flavor. Heavy Hitters makes fantastic fruit-flavored gummies that you won’t get enough of.

Enjoy Weed Edibles

Now that you understand a bit more about weed edibles, what they do, and which ones to buy, you can get some today. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to start with a low dose and increase it as you get more comfortable with the feeling. Once you get used to them, there’s no better way to get high.

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