5 New Instagram Metrics to Track for Brand Success

Did you know that there are more than one billion active Instagram users worldwide in 2021? Instagram is one of the most effective ways of reaching a massive audience with your content, making it a great way to grow your brand. Still, it is always smart to have ways to track your success when it comes to the content you’re putting out there.

Using new Instagram metrics is a sure way to keep track of how your posts and stories are doing with your followers and audience. The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about the Instagram audience metrics and Instagram engagement metrics that you need to check.

Keep reading to learn about the top five key Instagram metrics to start tracking today!

1. Instagram Saves

A big thing that many Instagram users are doing these days when it comes to content that they like is saving posts from their favorite accounts. Any time that a follower saves a post or a story of yours it is a clear display that they care about the message you’re sending. It means that they don’t want to lose the content that you’re putting out there.

2. Instagram Story Views

Another big indicator that you’re producing quality content on Instagram is the number of views that your Instagram story gets. Stories aren’t going anywhere, so you need to start incorporating them into your business marketing plan. Use it as one of your main ways to track Instagram metrics along with checking to see instagram followers.

3. Engagement Rate

You should also try to keep track of Instagram engagement metrics when you’re tracking your business’s Instagram account. The best way to do that is by tracking the number of comments and views you get and dividing it by the number of times the content was seen. You can use these metrics to improve audience engagement with your account.

4. Story Exits

If you’re using the stories feature on Instagram on a frequent basis then odds are that you have multiple stories up. Keep track of who views your different stories as a way to see who exits out of your stories prematurely. That could indicate that your Instagram story content is boring.

5. Story Tap-Backs

Sometimes you’ll encounter audience members and followers that only view part of your story and “tap back” to see it more than once. This is a clear sign that people are interested in some of your content but not all of it. Use this information to create more engaging and exciting content in the future.

Make the Most of These New Instagram Metrics Today

There are a number of new Instagram metrics out there that are useful if you’re trying to grow your follower base and reach a larger audience with buy automatic Instagram likes. This is a big deal because Instagram business metrics will help you make adjustments and get your products or services in front of more consumers. Make sure that you use your Instagram Story feature and track your views.

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