How To Determine If You Have A Solid Personal Injury Case?

Everyone in their respective state considering a lawsuit in personal injury wants to know if they can succeed. The truth is there is no such thing guaranteed regarding the law. Although sometimes the cases may seem easy to win, resulting in an undesirable impact for the injured party.

Although there is no such guarantee, there are cases where the injured party is more likely to get the justice and settlement they deserve. To learn more about personal injury, visit our website. 

How to determine if you have a solid personal injury case?

There are a few signs where you can determine that you have a solid personal injury case.

  • Defendant admits fault

Admissions of fault are the most powerful tools in the attorney’s arsenal as they make your case for trial. In many cases where the plaintiff and defendant talked before the case, there can be a conversation where the allegedly blameworthy party admitted their role in the casualty. 

For example, if you are injured at the workplace. On the way to the hospital, you receive a text from your boss that he/she is sorry that unsafe work situations led to your injury. They will attempt to claim that they were not at fault because they do not want their insurance premiums to go high.

  • The incident was recorded on camera.

Today, with the increased surveillance and the latest imaging technology in smartphones, the accident may have been caught on camera. If you are able to provide video or photo evidence that narrates your point of view and shows negligence on the defendant’s part, it can improve the odds at trial. 

  • You have suffered severe injuries.

Sadly, we live in a world where people abuse the courts to win quick money for an exaggerated or fabricated injury.

For example, you have come across slip-and-fall accident frauds, where scammers try to squirt water on the floor discreetly and then feign a fall, hoping they can gain money by suing.

In such cases, the plaintiff will have minor injuries not validated by any professional doctors. Even the most committed scammer is not likely to harm their own neck.

If your injuries are painful and have been confirmed by professional medical practitioners, you will have a much firmer case because it confirms to the judge and jury that you did not intentionally injure yourself to get money.