Cool Things to Own If You Have an RV

The author Ed Kovacs once said, “The best gadget is the human brain.” Yet, since you already have that gadget (hopefully), there are many more cool things to own out there that can make you’re RVing experience that much more enjoyable!

Although there are some awesome gadgets out there, we must admit there are some pretty useless ones too. The issue many of us RVers face is overcomplicating things and building up unneeded clutter.

That’s why we thought we’d run through a quick guide on some of the cooler things to own as an RV camper. And, of course, utility is the crucial determiner here.

Lithium Batteries

We have to mention these super-convenient RV accessories that we think are a must, first. Switching to lithium batteries over acid-based ones will change the way you power your camping lifestyle.

All too many of us know about the “battery anxiety” you can get when camping. Switch to high-quality lithium batteries, and we promise, you won’t look back. We recommend checking out what they’ve got at

Portable Mosquito Repellers

One of the most annoying things you can experience as an RV camper is mosquitos. They can ruin what would be a relaxing outdoor chill time.

Therefore, we think some of the modern portable mosquito repellers available now should be classed high up there in camper essentials. Many of these repellers can release a chemical that’s human-safe around an area of around 15 square feet.

Inflatable Loungers

If space-saving is the name of the game, then inflatable loungers are a great way to do that. They’re great for BBQs and for snoozing the afternoon away in.

Then, when you want to move on, you deflate them and you need a very small space to store them. Furthermore, many come with easy-to-use air pumps these days.

Solar Ovens

For those who want to be ultra self-sufficient, a solar oven should be one of those go-to RV gadgets. You don’t need to collect wood or buy charcoal, but instead, the power of the sun does all your cooking.

And rest assured, solar ovens aren’t gimmicky items, they are powerful! Nevertheless, if you know you’re traveling to places with less sun exposure, you should have other cooking options available.

Portable Ice Makers

OK, these might not be essential for everyone, but it can become annoying having to lug around bags of ice all the time from the camp store. With a portable ice maker, you’ll have all the ice you need for those sunny afternoons, and any cocktail parties you might indulge in.

Some of the more advanced ice makers can turn standard tap water temperature water into ice in about five minutes! That’s a pretty cool thing to own.


Yes, walkie-talkies are still relevant today. Imagine you’re in the mountains and there’s no cellular service; walkie-talkies definitely will come in handy in such a scenario.

Also, if you drive in separate vehicles, then walkie-talkies are an easy way to communicate. Plus, if you have kids, you can have fun games with them.

Instant Pots

Instant pots are amazing tools to get a healthy meal made for the whole family with little fuss. Most of the time, you through a load of roughly cut vegetables and meat into the pot, along with some other essential ingredients, and you have a meal in about an hour.

Yet, these devices can make all sorts of other foods these days. For instance, you may want some hard-boiled eggs. If so, many instant pots can take all the hassle out of using a stove and timing the process yourself.

Propane Firepits

There’s nothing like building our own fire when camping. However, many sites don’t let you build your own fire.

Therefore, a good compromise to a standard fire is a portable propane firepit that you take along in your RV. After all, there’s nothing more appealing when camping, than sitting around a fire on cool evenings.

Cast Iron Skillets

Although it’s a simple item, owning a cast iron skillet can make a whole lot of difference to how your fired food cooks and tastes. And cast iron skillets are so adaptable and durable.

For instance, you can use most cast iron skillets over open flames and on the hot coals in a campfire. Since they are thicker than regular metal skillets, they distribute heat well and so deliver evenly cooked food.

Air Compressors

If you are planning on tripping out a lot in your RV, an air compressor is a useful purchase. For those who’ve never dealt with a flat tire, let us tell you that it’s not fun dealing with it manually.

Instead, an air compressor takes most of the hard work out of dealing with a flat. They are also great just for checking your tire’s air pressure too before you head out on a long drive.

Simple Throw Pillows

You’ll be thankful for this little tip. You can use simple and cheap throw pillows for outdoors, in tents, or on any sofa-like areas, you may have.

Also, at night you may not be feeling so comfy with the cushions you’ve got for sleeping. All you have to do is pluck one or two of those spares you’ve got.

Some Cool Things To Own

We now looked at a handful of cool things to own, especially if you’re into RVing and camping. We’d also like to reiterate that the lithium batteries are pretty much a gamechanger!

So thanks for checking out this post. As well, please take a look at our blog for further info on similar topics.