The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you looking for a black diamond engagement ring? Black diamonds have a distinct, mysterious beauty.

Due to its rich depth, a black diamond adds a dramatic touch to earrings, wedding bands, engagement rings, and most types of fine jewelry.

More than having a unique style, black diamonds have many singular qualities. We can see them from how they form to how you have to clean them; black diamonds are unique among gemstones.

Want to know more about the pros and cons of a black diamond engagement ring?

Keep reading to know all about black diamond engagement rings.

The Meaning of Black Diamond

Black diamonds are elegant colored diamonds in the same category as blue, yellow, and pink diamonds. The diamonds have many inclusions that make them appear like black gemstones.

Colorless diamonds are rare and often valuable. But, black diamonds are less pricey but have a higher number of inclusions.

Want to have a bold way of showing your style at your wedding? Consider purchasing an edgy black diamond.

The diamonds are impossibly cool, chic, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a bit mysterious. They are also of good value.

How to Assess a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Research shows that the worldwide Anti-counterfeit packaging market size will reach $250.27 billion by 2026. The market is growing at a 12.39% Compound Annual Growth Rate.

You will want to buy a legit ring from your dealer. Here are ways to know when looking for a black diamond engagement ring.

Check the Quality

We always encourage buyers to request a Colored Diamond Report. The report is from (GIA), the Gemology Institute of America.

When purchasing an engagement ring, always ask for a GIA report to verify the diamond characteristics and quality.

Since some diamonds are naturally black, the gray ones receive treatments to turn them into a dark black color. The GIA report will indicate if the diamond has undergone treatment to enhance its color.


Treated black diamonds are more common and cheaper than natural black diamonds. You may find them at half price or even less.

Black Diamond Settings

The diamond setting can be in any manner. But, you have to consider your budget before thinking about setting. Your budget dictates both your setting and carat size.

How to Pair the Diamond With Metal

Consider pairing the black diamond with a platinum or gold set. That is because the color contrast makes the diamond pop.


You now know what to expect from your black diamond engagement ring. Let us outline the main advantages of a black diamond engagement ring.

Unique Visual Quality

Visually, the diamonds are unique among other diamonds. And, that is not just because of color. Note that white and other colored diamonds are transparent, which gives them fire and brilliance.

But, black diamonds are completely opaque. Instead of having scintillation, the black diamonds have a captivating, lustrous shine.


Black diamonds are far less cheap than colorless diamonds. You can shop from a store like for as low as $430.

That is so, especially if that is a treated diamond. The treated black diamonds are abundant, so locating one in online jewelry stores is easy.

The bottom line is if your lady wants a unique diamond that fits within your budget, a black diamond will be an ideal choice.

Consider working with a jeweler in your budget range to aid in minimizing the stress of navigating through the Four C’s.

Four C’s Are Not Necessary

Black diamonds have distinctive qualities. So, you cannot grade them by the Four C’s (diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat) like how we grade colorless diamonds.

Black diamonds do not receive a standard cut or color grades. We cannot grade black diamonds on colorless diamond color scales because they fall far outside the scale.

Also, we cannot grade them on the colorless diamond clarity scale. That is so because of their very high inclusion.

So, the black diamonds have a different grading report. The report notes the one fancy black grade the diamonds come with and whether the diamond is natural or not.

A GIA version of the report is a Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report.

Same Durability as With Colorless Diamonds

Like with white and naturally colorless diamonds, black diamonds have a grade of 10 in hardness on the MOH scale. That means they are very durable, just like other diamond rings.

The fact is fantastic news is you want a black diamond engagement ring. You know the rings will last for years.


It’s crucial to also look at the disadvantages of a black diamond engagement ring. Some of the disadvantages of a black diamond engagement ring include:

Lack Fire and Sparkle

Since the diamonds are opaque or slightly translucent, they lack refraction capabilities. Instead, the sparkle and shine come from the diamond top and often look more like a shiny piece of coal.

A Little Too Unique?

Due to the unique properties of the diamond, they may be difficult to sell if need be. Note that only a small percentage of ladies will want the unique color in their engagement ring for life.

Consider Buying a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

We hope now you understand what to expect from a black diamond engagement ring. Remember to inquire about how to care for the engagement ring.

Black is among the most meaningful and mystical colors in human mythology and history. It should not surprise you that the black diamond rings have more meanings and symbolism.

That is especially when you use the black diamond for engagement rings. The black diamond significance conveys a notion of burning love and desire and also an everlasting love.

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