Who is Liable to Pay for a Three-Car Accident?

The people engaged in a three-car collision may sustain severe injuries as a result of the crash. Multi-vehicle auto accidents often lead to complex personal injury claims. For damages to be recovered, it is necessary to establish culpability and causation; the more parties involved in a crash. 

However, the more challenging it may be to identify these variables. You should always speak to a Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorney to get assistance with your car accident claim and ensure you get successful compensation. 

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Crashes

When two vehicles collide, multi-vehicle incidents or chain reaction collisions start. Then, one or both of the two cars involved in the initial collision are struck by a third vehicle.

Rear-end collisions, collisions on highways, and collisions at intersections are all frequent multi-vehicle collisions. However, any automobile collision has the capability to involve multiple vehicles. A three-car collision can occur when additional vehicles collide with a motor vehicle accident.

Three-car collisions and chain-reaction collisions can be caused by:

  • Too close to follow 
  • driving when distracted 
  • not using turn signals 
  • Going above the speed
  • improper lane shifts, particularly in busy places where a car might crash against several others
  • Driving under influence

A three-car accident’s causation may also be influenced by the weather and the state of the roads.

Who Is Liable for Damages in a 3 car Philadelphia Mishap?

A collision’s initiator may be held accountable for any damages. In order to establish liability, you must have proof that:

  • The other party owes you an obligation of care, which includes adhering to the law and driving defensively to prevent an accident.
  • The offending individual violated their duty of care by neglecting to cede the right-of-way, tailgating, or driving while texting.
  • The violation of responsibility was the incident’s primary and immediate cause.
  • Due to the other party’s negligence, you were injured.

In a case involving an automobile accident, your attorney acquires proof that the other motorist was at fault for the collision. But if three or more automobiles are involved, you need to figure out how each crash happened. Then, you must show which driver was at fault for the accident.

Theoretically, all drivers may be sued in your personal injury case. It all depends on whether your injuries were caused by one collision or both.

You must demonstrate who was at fault for each collision and how those collisions brought your injuries. As a result, you could need medical professionals to describe how your injuries developed and which crashes caused which injuries in your testimony.