What Are Some Interesting Facts About Gold?


Gold is the 79th precious metal to appear on the periodic table, yet throughout the ages, there are so many interesting facts about gold that have emerged.

For instance, archeologists found gold flakes in a paleolithic cave that dates back to 40,000 BC! We also know this precious metal from pirate myths and legends where it lay among their buried treasures. And nowadays, we can see gold in microcircuits, and medical professionals even use it as part of cancer treatment.

Gold is one of those mystical metals in the universe, so let’s look into some more fascinating facts about this illustrious metal.

Ancient Egyptians and Gold

Solid evidence indicates that some of the first human interaction with gold might have been in ancient Egypt, 3000 B.C.

This precious metal ran strongly through Ancient Egyptian culture, with the pharaohs and priests of the era prizing its unique qualities. In fact, would you believe that at one time, all the capstones on the Pyramids of Giza were solid gold?

Gold in Fort Knox

In 1937, the US government opened Fort Knox to store the country’s accumulating and vast gold reserves. Philidelphia sent the first shipment of gold to the Kentucky-based reserve, along with many military troops to guard it on its journey.

Any doubt in later years that there was no gold in Fort Knox was quashed. At one point, the United States Mint decided to let a journalist in to see the then 36,236 gold bars they had stored there. This equated to around $130 billion at today’s prices.

Gold and the Ancient Greeks

Gold was a status symbol in social circles for the ancient Greeks. It also signified glory with the demigods and immortal gods.

However, gold also acted as a currency form in this ancient era. Yet, Olympic gold medals never existed in ancient Greece; this is a modern concept.

Drinkable Gold

Have you ever come across Goldschläger in a bar or restaurant and wondered what it was? Believe it or not, this Swiss cinnamon snaps contains tiny flakes of gold that you can see floating around in the bottle.

Although, it is thought that there is maybe only 0.1 grams of gold in this alcoholic beverage. Still, it’s definitely one of many interesting gold facts.

Gold As a Physical Investment

People have long considered buying gold as a safe option when compared to fiat currencies, such as the dollar or pound sterling. There are many ways of buying gold these days too.

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The Many Facts About Gold

We’ve just scratched the surface regarding facts about gold. There’s so much you can learn about this precious metal and its history. Yet, here’s one final thought: the next time you see Goldschläger in a bar, why not give it a shot?

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