Touring the Best Little-Known Cities of the South

The south is a massive part of the country that’s home to some of the oldest states and large swaths of beautiful greenery.  From comfort food to the friendly and welcoming attitudes of locals, you’ll love every second you spend in the south: but how do you avoid crowds?

These are the best little-known cities in the south: promising a vacation without having to deal with tourism traps.

Albany, Georgia

This city is filled to the brim with music, entertainment, and the best food you’ll ever find.  This hidden gem is in the southwestern half of the state, just three hours north of the Florida line.  As the birthplace of Ray Charles, it prides itself on fantastic music taste and understands the importance of a community.

Although this city has been through its rough spots, it’s currently going through a huge art revitalization that’s bringing a lot of life and light back to the city.  Visiting just once will be enough to make you fall in love.

Boone, North Carolina

Boone is one of the few vacation destinations where you can get the best out of the town year-round.  In the winter, this area is covered by gorgeous snow, making the warm restaurants even more welcoming and leaving everyone who visits in a Christmassy mood.  

In the summer, Boone is vibrantly green, with endless forests to explore as you can’t help but be in awe of the gorgeous surroundings.  Although this can be a rough road the first time you drive up it, you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is a smaller city that has a large hand in the history of this country.  Home to a fantastic work-life balance, you’ll want to start looking for Little Rock houses for sale the moment your vacation is over.

This is an extremely affordable area, with a great range of weather throughout the year, so you never have to overheat or freeze.  The southern charm and delicious food here will keep you grounded and excited to see more.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

If you want some of the best mountain views and untouched nature in the country, it’s time to make your way to Blue Ridge, Georgia!  This fantastic area has endless green mountains covered in beautiful forests.  With walking trails, white water rafting, rock climbing, and any other activity you can think of: you’ll love spending time in these mountains.  This is a cheap vacation destination for anyone who wants to keep active and avoid crowded tourist spots.

How to Pack for a Southern Vacation

If you’re ready to take a trip into the south, it’s a good idea to pack with the location in mind.  Much of the south gets a lot of sun and has to deal with mosquitoes.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to pack sunscreen and bug repellent if you’re visiting in the summer.  Don’t assume the area you’re traveling to will still be warm in the winter!  Check the weather in your vacation area before you travel.

The South Has Its Share of Hidden Gems!

Whether you’re heading south for the great weather or fantastic views: there’s a little bit of something for everyone.  Consider checking out some of these hidden gems!