The Worst Nightmare Of An Amazon Seller: Your Account Gets Suspended

If you’re an Amazon seller, getting your account suspended by the e-commerce giant can be quite a nightmare, especially if it happens suddenly and without much warning. Being suspended by Amazon can have detrimental effects on your business and sometimes on your reputation, so you want to make sure you avoid this situation at all costs.

Many people are not aware that Amazon has a strict policy of suspending amazon accounts. If your account is suspended, when you try to log in, your login page will say “Your account is currently blocked” and “your account has been temporarily locked due to reasons stated below.”

If you are a seller and got suspended, there is no need to panic as Amazon has an easy procedure to un-suspend the account. You only have to submit some additional documents, and then you will get your account back. The eligibility of such accounts depends upon the type of violation. An account can be suspended if a seller cannot process payments or violates our policies.

What Happens To The Process Of An Amazon Suspended Account?

When your account gets suspended, you don’t lose everything; it just means that no one can buy your products. However, amazon suspended account holders won’t be able to list anything new or modify any existing listings. Until we get our account reinstated, we’re essentially selling nowhere. If your account is suspended—and even if it isn’t—you should address these three issues ASAP.

While Amazon’s seller performance metric is usually measured by the number of orders processed and fulfilled, seller rating is independent customer feedback that can identify which sellers might require more attention in terms of customer service.

Which Types Of Amazon Suspensions Are There?

There are two types of Amazon suspensions. The first type (and worst) is a permanent suspension, which means that you won’t be able to list anything on Amazon again for as long as you’re selling goods online. It might seem harsh, but keep in mind that it will take some time before your account is eligible for reinstatement. In other words, Amazon can remove you from its site immediately – but it will take months for them to let you back in. An amazon suspension appeal will be a great option for resellers if they want to reactivate their account.

What Can You Do To Avoid Getting Suspended?

Sellers need to be extremely careful about what they are listing and where. Sellers can avoid suspension by following these three simple rules that every seller should follow. First, do not misrepresent your product. Be honest about what you’re selling, and try to use pictures and descriptions that match exactly what you’re selling.

How Long Does An Amazon Suspension Last?

While you can appeal a suspension on your own, there’s no guarantee that your account will be reinstated. In many cases, sellers have had to wait as long as 60 days for their accounts to be reinstated; however, according to some customer service representatives, you may need to wait even longer in certain situations. The good news is that the amazon suspended account span lasts just 72 hours—but that can seem like an eternity if you’re waiting for word on whether or not your account has been reinstated.