4 Senior Living Marketing Ideas for 2022

Over 800,000 Americans currently reside in senior living facilities. If you have the pleasure of caring for these folks, you likely want to attract more people to be part of your community.

Senior living marketing is essential for doing this. But how can you attract the most potential residents? Read on for some senior living marketing ideas that you should know in 2022.

1. Use Data Analytics

Regardless of what marketing methods you choose, you’ll want to assess data and find patterns related to your competing nursing homes. This can help you to understand your target audience, personalize content, and make cohesive and effective marketing strategies.

These senior lists boost efficiency and lower your costs of advertising with a high ROI. You’ll make stronger advertising campaigns that ultimately reach the right people.

2. Consider Printed Marketing Materials

Print marketing takes place over mediums like pamphlets and catalogs that you mail out to your target audience. These options are perfect for those working with an older audience since they spend less time online.

They also are heavily targeted- you send materials to those who you think are most likely to use your services. People will receive these marketing materials in the mail, look them over, and wonder whether your assisted living facility is right for them.

3. Radio and TV Ads

Many elderly individuals spend a lot of time watching TV and listening to the radio. Because of this, you can reach your target audience by placing ads there. TV ads are generally extremely effective because people retain about 95% of a video’s message.

This is distinct from the fact that people only remember about 20% of what they read. It’s also higher than the 80% of information that they remember of image-based content.

Because these figures are so drastic, you’ll want to invest in far more than simple print marketing. Video is king both online and offline.

4. Have an Awesome Website

Though seniors spend far less time online than younger people do, the number of older adults who are online is increasing. 73% of seniors are now online, though they do not use the computer for long stretches. The average senior also spends 3-5 hours in front of a screen daily, but this also includes TVs and offline games.

However, because these numbers are increasing, it’s a good idea to have a visually appealing and engaging website.

Additionally, you’re in part marketing to the children of your potential residents who make health decisions on their behalf. Your marketing plans need to reach these younger adults who are trying to find a place for their loved ones.

Make sure to boost your visibility on social media and use Google Ads to reach them.

Start Your Senior Living Marketing Campaign

Now that you know the ins and outs of senior living marketing, it’s time to get started. Check out the “business” tab on our home page for more information on how to promote your assisted living facility. You also may be interested in the “tech” section if you want to learn more about digital marketing.