Inspired Interior Renovations: 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Space

Did you know most people in the United States end up remodeling their homes because 80 percent of them are at least 20 years old?

You undoubtedly want to transform your home into the house of your dreams, but it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to do that.

If you’re looking to take on a few interior renovations to transform your space and need some help figuring out what to do, this is the article for you! Read on to learn seven of the best home renovation tips we have to offer.

1. Revamp Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which makes it the perfect space to begin your interior remodeling.

If your kitchen is dated or cramped, it can make your entire home feel that way.

You can make small changes like upgrading appliances and switching out fixtures to more modern ones. Even changes like this can transform a space. Or, you can opt for a full remodel and upgrade to more modern cabinets, vibrant countertops, and new appliances.

Adding in an island is a great way to increase counter and seating space if you have the room. But, no matter what changes you make here, they’ll significantly impact the rest of the home.

2. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat might not seem like a huge project, but it can make a big difference in how your home feels and sometimes requires a new furnace.

This project will make it easier for you to control your home’s temperature. Newer thermostats often connect to your phone so you can change the temperature on the go and have it be the perfect temperature when you get home.

Newer models of thermostats are also sleeker-looking and have a better appearance than older ones do.

3. Transform Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, so it’s obvious when things don’t look right in there.

You want your bathroom to be light, bright, and airy, so it always looks fresh and clean.

A few simple changes like upgrading the tile and investing in a luxury shower head can do the trick.

However, if a complete renovation is what you have in mind, consider adding a dual vanity and creating a beautiful walk-in shower. Installing a jetted tub is also a great way to utilize space and create a spa-like atmosphere.

4. Invest in Shutters

One area we tend to neglect when coming up with interior remodeling projects is the windows.

Windows have a significant impact on how your home looks from the inside and the outside. While it might seem hard to use windows as a design element, using shutters can make it possible.

They look sleek and expensive from the inside of your home and also look great from the outside too! Consider installing plantation shutters to get more joy from your windows than you ever have before!

5. Add Square Footage

If you have a large property and need extra space in your house to fit your family’s needs, adding square footage is a no-brainer.

Even adding one additional room can make a big difference. It could keep two children from needing to share and help them each have a space of their own to decorate and retreat to when they need alone time.

Alternatively, an extra room could be a great man cave, craft room, or additional seating space for when guests come over.

No matter how you choose to utilize the extra space, you’ll surely be glad you have it.

6. Beautify the Fireplace

Many older homes have fireplaces, but they don’t also look the greatest. They can be crooked or crumbling, perhaps even posing a danger to the people around it.

Whether it’s functional or not, having a beautiful fireplace can act as the room’s focal point and be an interesting design aspect.

You can opt for a simple makeover and add some fresh paint to make dingy bricks take on a new life.

You might also want to go all out and rebuild it using a modern-styled brick or tile instead. Some even choose to create fully glassed-in fireplaces for an ultra-modern look that acts as an art piece in its own way.

7. Create an Open Floorplan

Having a home with many separate rooms can make the space feel closed off.

One of the best home renovation tips to consider is knocking down walls to create an open floor plan for the entire household to enjoy.

Picture this: when you’re cooking in the kitchen to prepare for a dinner party, you can still interact with the guests in the dining room while you add the finishing touches.

Or, you can keep an eye on your children playing in one room while you tidy up or get work done in another. Having an open layout makes interacting with people in different rooms easier.

And the open layout helps the space feel bigger while also making it seem more intimate at the same time.

Consider These Interior Renovations to Create Your Dream Home

The options for different interior renovations are virtually endless. Having so many projects to choose from allows you to handpick projects that will slowly transform your home into the one you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Consider starting one of the projects mentioned here to get your remodeling started on the right foot and enjoy a completely transformed space in no time!

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