How To Install a House Mounted Flagpole: A Guide


According to some research, 62% of people said that they fly the American flag at their house.

If you’re interested in installing a house-mounted flagpole, you’re definitely not the only one.

If you’re interested in learning how to mount a home flagpole, keep reading!

Check Rules

Before you install a flagpole onto your house, you should check the rules of the city, community, utility company, or even the Home Owners Association. Do this to see if you’re allowed to install a flag before you buy any brackets, kits, or flags.

If you need to get permission to install it, you should ask for that permission. Make sure that when you do purchase a flag, you may have to have specific ones that are allowed.

You’ll also want to hang your flags in a safe way. Hang them high enough that children won’t be able to reach them. You should also make sure that no truck or car will snag them as they drive under it.

Choose a Flagpole

Once you have permission, you’ll need to choose which flagpole you want to buy.

You can get a metal, wood, or fiberglass flagpole, and there are many different anti-tangle accessories that you can get as well.

If you want something that’s durable and will last, you should get a fiberglass or metal flagpole. But you can find a flagpole that will fit any budget.

You’ll also need to buy a flag that will hang on your flagpole. If it’s going to be dealing with harsh sunlight and wind, you might want to get a heavy-duty polyester flag. If you’re only going to fly it when weather conditions are good, then you might want to get a standard nylon flag.

Gather Supplies

Now you’ll need to gather all your supplies. You should get a flag, the flagpole, a bracket, (sometimes you can get a kit), some concrete screws, a drill and driver, pilot bits and possibly some painter’s tape.

The supplies will vary depending on what you’re going to be drilling into. If you’re going to drill your flagpole into brick, then you should buy a drill bit that is made to screw into brick.

The bracket should come with all the hardware you need, but you also may want to buy some smaller screws at well. That way, your screws won’t be too thick to go into the bracket.

Hang Flagpole

Now that you have your supplies ready, you can start working on hanging the flag. First, make sure that you always wear gloves and eye protection. This will ensure that you’re always safe.

Next, pick a spot where you want to hang your flag. The bracket will hold your flag in place. You should find somewhere where the flag will be visible, but it won’t extend into a roof overhang, power line, or tree branch.

Also, make sure it’s somewhere that kids won’t be able to reach and people won’t hurt their head on it.

Start Drilling

If you’re going to mount a bracket on brick, you should place it in that location. Then take a pencil and mark where you’re going to put the screw holes. You want to put the screws into the masonry and avoid putting them in mortar.

If you’re going to mount it on vinyl siding or wood, you should get a mount that conforms to the profile. This way, you’re still placing it on a level surface.

Either way, put the bracket on the house and mark the holes. Make sure that the screws will be long enough to extend into the area.

Next, get a power drill. If you can, find an electric one. This will give you the most torque, but a rechargeable one might work as well.

If you’re drilling into brick, get a carbide-tipped masonry bit. If you’re going to be working with vinyl or wood, you should be able to use a regular drill bit.

In the vinyl, you’ll also need to drill a hole that is slightly larger. This will make sure that there’s room even when the siding expands or contracts because of changing temperatures.

You’ll then start drilling your holes about a quarter to a half of an inch deeper than the screws. Next, insert the screw anchors and line up the bracket with the outline you drew in pencil.

Now, you can start screwing the bracket in place. Do this directly onto the brick or siding. If you’re going to be flying a heavy flag, make sure that you get a strong anchor. You’ll also need a lag screw, which is a strong screw that will hold everything in place.

Tighten Flagpole

Once you’ve hung the flagpole, you’ll need to tighten it.

To secure it, you’ll have to put the flagpole into the slot of the bracket that you just installed. Once you have the flagpole in place, you’ll have to tighten the wings on each side to make sure that the pole stays in place despite any weather that tries to take it down.

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