How To Decorate A Simple Birthday Party

Before thinking about party decor, you need to think about the theme. The good news is that you can do this inexpensively, creating home decorations and creative dynamics that make everything more fun and all these can be done by companies such as hot ground gym for example. As we said above, the theme needs to be broad and allow for simpler and easier decorations to be made. From the invitation to the cake table must be related to it.

Here are some simple birthday decoration ideas: 


The towels that will go on the tables can be made of simpler and more disposable materials, such as EVA. Invest in colors that match the main theme of the party.


Decorations with paper folds, the famous origami, give your party a creative and delicate air. Make items that make sense with the theme. Example: if your party is about nature, make origami out of flowers and even “tsuru” the famous “bird of happiness.” Clouds, hearts and raindrops are also interesting and easy-to-make options. 


Balloons are popular items at birthday parties or Spring Break Camps of all ages. You can create decorative shapes with them and diversify colors and sizes. In addition, they serve as table decorations helping in the general decoration of the party. Another essential item linked to decoration is the main table!

See how simple it is to prepare a party without spending a lot of money?

But if you still don’t have the money at the time of your birthday to throw a party, don’t despair!

It is possible to celebrate even without a party.

See how:

  • What to do on your birthday when you don’t have money?
  • In times of crisis or financial stress, celebrating your birthday with a party can be something beyond your means.
  • However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend the day blank. 

Here are some free (or affordable) ideas for your birthday: 

  • go to a park
  • Call the people closest to you and go out to a park or square in your city.
  • Take the opportunity to walk, practice some sport and even have a picnic.
  • It is possible to have a picnic for little money and make it fun to celebrate your birthday.
  • share a pizza
  • Invite your closest friends or family to go to a pizzeria, in the “everyone pays for their own” style.
  • So, you will have a pleasant time, celebrate your birthday and without spending too much.
  • Make a coffee or snack at home
  • Promote a meeting with loved ones in your own home.
  • Ask everyone to bring a plate so that it doesn’t become financially burdensome for anyone.
  • Put on some music, have fun and celebrate life!