How Effective Is CBD for Muscle Pain?


Did you know that 9 million people started using CBD for the first time during the pandemic? Americans can also spend between $20 to $80 per month on different CBD products!

By 2022 CBD sales expectations are in the region of $1.8 billion. More and more research has gone into the benefits of using CBD and one of those benefits is using CBD for muscle pain. Read on below to find out if CBD can be used to treat your type of muscle pain.

CBD Creams: Are They Worth It?

The process is simple: smear on some CBD gel or cream where it hurts and feel almost immediate relief! Whether they work or not, well, is another story. Topical CBD has a few studies behind it to suggest that upon application, the CBD can penetrate the skin and repel pain.

Most of the time, other herbs and skin penetrating ingredients are an addition to the mix, to make product claims like pain relief. In other words, you have to check the label for the ingredients list and the certificate of analysis for high-quality CBD.

High-quality CBD is thought to temporarily alleviate pain. The CBD reacts to cannabinoid receptors in the skin, in a process, that gets rid of soreness and pain. It is important to note that the CBD will only work on the area applied, if your abs are sore and you apply it to your thigh, your abs won’t get any relief.

A cream that is high in CBD absolutely has a use for muscle soreness after you have worked out or played a physically demanding sport.

Should You Use Oral CBD for Muscle Pain?

Where topical CBD offers relief in a localized area, oral CBD offers full system relief. Working pretty much the same as topical CBD, oral CBD enters your bloodstream and reaches the cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body.

Oral CBD has strong anti-inflammatory effects, and as the root of most muscle pain is inflammation, digesting CBD will offer more relief for muscle and joint pain.

Oral CBD is taken orally for chronic muscle pain when you want relief in your whole system. Both oral and topical CBD can be a combination for use if you suffer from flare-ups on the skin.

The oral CBD can be ingested, getting rid of the chronic pain, while the topical cream can be applied directly on flared-up skin, to treat the flare-up directly.

With further research taking place each year, it won’t be long until we have enough data to prove the fact that CBD can indefinitely combat chronic pain and illness. You can also find out the difference between CBD broad vs full spectrum over here.

Future of Pain Relief

Plants have always been an ingredient in relief for even the most chronic of pains. In the 21st century, CBD looks like it will be the future of pain relief for many years to come. Consuming CBD for muscle pain will go a long way in helping you lead a happier, pain-free life.

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