Five Major Life Events that Can Lead Up to a Divorce in Kenosha, WI

There are a lot of reasons a couple can decide to file for divorce. Although there are several factors that contribute to a marriage’s breakup, there are usually major life events that can result in issues in your marriage. But no matter what applies to your situation, it is always in your best interest to work with divorce lawyers in Kenosha, WI. Your, divorce attorney will advocate for your interests and ensure you get a fair share of your marital assets. The following are major life events that can result in couples deciding to get a divorce:

 Having Kids

Although having kids are a joyful event in a couple’s life, it can put significant pressure on their relationship. As parents deal with the demands and attitudes of their children from different stages of life, their differences can be disclosed, resulting in major fractures in their relationship or marriage. 

A Loved One’s Death

Losing a loved one can have a major effect on a couple’s relationship. Especially if a couple lost a close family member, their grief can continue for many years, affecting every area of their lives. Over time, this can put distance between spouses and can result in a marriage breakdown.

Job Loss

Money issues are still the main reason couples decide to end their marriage in a divorce. Also, a divorce can be decided because of job loss or a career switch. Even if spouses can talk about the kind of lifestyle they wish to lead, their circumstances and priorities can change eventually and may result in significant trouble in their relationship. 

A Severe Health Condition

Chronic health conditions, accidental injuries, and major illnesses can damage the life of a married couple. The spouse who needs to provide for a spouse takes a lot of burden on their shoulders. And taking care of a seriously ill spouse can also strain the relationship over time, possibly causing a divorce. 


After a spouse spends years with their partner, providing for the other and supporting their career, they could decide to file for divorce during retirement. In this case, the other spouse can be entitled to the provider’s retirement benefits as part of their marital property division in a divorce. Also, the supported spouse can claim a part of their spouse’s Social Security benefits. 

Regardless of the reason that leads up to a divorce, this decision is never easy. If you are ready to file for divorce, an attorney can give you the necessary caring support during this tough time and ensure your rights are protected.