Why Is Video Communication Essential?

Video communication with Gillespie Productions for example has become one of the best ways to be present on the web and social networks. Brands increasingly use videos to present products and services, convey messages, develop their presence on the Internet, develop their notoriety, etc.

In recent years, video has been omnipresent everywhere on the web and especially on social networks.

Why Use Video For Your Communication?

37% of web traffic comes from YouTube, the largest video platform on the Internet. Every day, several billion Internet users watch videos on YouTube and other video platforms. 80% of Internet users watch videos, against only 20% who read on the Internet. According to a Cisco study conducted in 2018, video content will represent 80% of Internet traffic in a few years. ( Cisco )

Video Communication Infographic

Video content for Video Production Services is increasingly consumed with smartphones, and audiovisual productions have multiplied. Whatever your sector of activity, it is necessary to use video to communicate about your brand and your company.

The video format is attractive; it captures attention and conveys a message more easily.

Video can increase traffic to your website.

Social networks are promoting more and more videos

Videos are more easily shared and propagated on the web

It is a very creative format that can easily create buzz

Video can more easily create engagement

How To Evaluate The Performance Of Your Videos?

It is important for a company to put video content on the site or social networks. So, to assess the performance of your video communication, here are some essential indicators.

The number of views

The first indicator to consider to assess the success of your video content is the number of views by your visitors. Indeed, the popularity of your video is reflected by the number of views.

The number of interactions

The second essential indicator to assess whether your video interests Internet users is the interaction around your video. Internet users can interact with the video content in several ways. Indeed, several actions can be performed on videos on your site or social networks, such as:

The more people interact with your video content, the more traffic you generate for your business.

In 2022, video content will be one of the strongest mediums, representing the best growth in terms of engagement rate. Most Internet users today prefer to acquire information through videos, hence the emergence of social networks based on video communication, such as YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch.