Why is Ludo the most played game in India today?

The game of Pachisi, which was recently renamed Ludo, was largely played in India with rules changed and technology applied to the already established game. The company has released new tokens, new features, and online multiplayer games. Their most active players are across the world within countries such as Spain & Morocco and South America, including Colombia and Mexico.

With so many development opportunities in the mobile gaming industry, India has been able to thrive and gain traction. Online multiplayer games that people can play on their phones have driven the mobile gaming industry, which has led to great content possibilities for developers. 

What sets Ludo apart from other games as a trend?

With online gaming, especially Ludo, being more popular than ever before, Indians have developed an even more intense feeling for the game than those who played the likes of Temple Run, Subway Surfer, and Angry Birds.

The internet has given us the ability to play Ludo game with people from all over the world, and it is available anytime. It’s impossible now for two players to be in different areas before someone can play. With “Online Ludo,” you can even play against people who aren’t physically around you: the game has changed everything.

With better internet access, Ludo became even more popular. One of the reasons it’s the most trending game is due to better connectivity and some factors that may have been integral in its rise to popularity.

 5 Factors why ludo is popular in India?

  1. You can now play Ludo in India with friends and strangers

Social media was becoming increasingly popular, creating an opportunity for people to have face-to-face contact with one another. The online game Ludo allowed users to meet friends and acquaintances when they were locked into their homes as it became popular. 

With Ludo, playing board games alongside one’s friends has become much easier. Online social games have garnered a whole new audience and the opportunity to share a common interest. Playing ludo has brought people together in today’s exhausting times.

  1. Any smartphone can be used to play online ludo

Online games such as Ludo took the world by storm in 2020 because of their compatibility. Playing online games can be done on anything from your smartphone to a tablet. Whether you are using technology that is affordable or high-end, you will be able to play Ludo online. The game is compatible with any smartphone, so you can get started playing the game if you want to.

  1. A Good Stress Buster

Playing Ludo has always been enjoyable for everyone, and it is no different now. Most people take a break from work or studies to relax, perhaps because this iconic board game has become popular throughout the last year!

  1. Learn the experience of playing Ludo

A clever change to an old childhood game has made everyone fall in love with it and Ludo is now played by millions. The experience of playing and the many tricks, strategies and the other mechanics do not need to be explained further as they are already being learned by new players.

  1. Ludo becomes big in India

Ludo is the most popular mobile game in India. It takes memories from childhood and inspires people to reconnect with their friends. Players can also connect over Ludo through online games and share a few laughs, bringing back our childhood memories.


In a world where technology and gaming are becoming more and more popular, it is no surprise that Ludo has taken the top spot as the most played game in India today. 

With its simple rules and addicting gameplay, there is nothing not to love about this classic board game. So whether you’re a fan of classic games or just looking for something different to do, we recommend giving Brainy Ludo a try.

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