Quick-release Degreasers – Why are They Mandatory Cleaning Agents?

Worried about cleaning your commercial space that has oil-based impurities? Even after getting your space cleaned, worried about disposing of the wastewater that has oil permanent emulsion?

Wastewater should be treated before letting it flow out. Water, after cleaning machines and tools that handle oil-based components, gets emulsified in oil if traditional salt-based cleaners are used.

Even the best water oil separators find it difficult to dislodge emulsified oil impurities from water. This is where the modern quick-release industrial degreasers come in handy.

Advantages of Quick-Release Degreasers

Unlike the conventional salt-based degreasers, quick-release degreasers from companies like Optimax are biodegradable and environment-friendly.

Quick-release degreasers are cleaning agents that do not form a permanent emulsion with the oil impurities it cleans. After absorbing the oil from the surface, this degreaser quickly releases the oil impurities. This will make it easier for separators to segregate oil and water.

How does a quick-release degreaser work?

Modern quick-release degreasers work on the principle that if oil droplets are not allowed to form a permanent emulsion with water, oil particles rise easily up the surface and form big droplets. These bigger droplets of oil are easier to separate using gravity-based oil-water separators.

  1. These types of degreasers form a temporary bond with the oil impurity to dislodge it from the surface. 
  2. After this oil is removed from the surface to be cleaned, the degreaser will immediately break the bond with the oil and pass it through the waste management plant.

The oil forms an electrochemical structure called ‘micelle’ that will only form light bonds with water. This means that oil can rise easily to the top and form big droplets. When the big droplets are run through water treatment plants, it will easily separate the water from oil.

Why do you need a quick-release degreaser?

Water treatment plants are basically water-oil separators that divide oil impurities from the cleaning agent and water. There are regulations on the number of contaminants allowed in wastewater.

  1. To maintain the level of wastewater quality, the oil needs to be separated. Using a quick-release degreaser will speed the process up for the water treatment plant.
  2. This fundamentally means a lower cost for the treatment of wastewater. Also, the degreaser is biodegradable, which makes it even more desirable in terms of the environment.

So, be pragmatic and change to modern quick-release degreasers for effective and cost-efficient water treatment.