The Slot Machines with the Highest Payouts

The Slot Machines with the Highest Payouts

Spending some time and money playing at a slot machine is a relaxing gambling activity for many people. While they are unlikely to strike it rich, the possibility of winning a jackpot remains. However, the more realistic expectation is to win back most of what they spend, allowing them to keep playing for a while. Indeed, slot games cost less to play than other games, stretching out how many times players can use them.

Slot machine payouts

How often slot machines payout is a challenging event to predict as they operate using RNG (rapid number generator) technology and algorithms that no one can crack. Therefore, a machine could pay out a substantial sum three times in a row and then not again for another 3,000 pulls.

One thing we do know is that online slots tend to have a higher RTP (return to player percentage) than their land-based counterparts. Online slot games have an industry-standard RTP of about 95%, whereas physical slot machines offer only 85%.

What is RTP?

An RTP is the percentage win rate a player is expected to achieve. Users should note that this does not mean they will achieve this percentage each time they play. It is an average calculated over millions of spins. An RTP percentage is based on a long-term view, and a player can expect to reach it after playing a slots game multiple times.

One of the healthiest money habits a person can have is ensuring he gets a return on his investment (ROI). Therefore, he looks for lower prices when buying something to get value for money while buying something that offers him the quality and features that he needs. Unfortunately, gambling and playing slot games do not work this way. Players should never expect to break even or win more than they play, as these are games of chance that offer no guarantees. Therefore, planning to get rich quick from gambling is unlikely to become a reality.

Facts and figures

A recent study indicates that slot game manufacturers offer different average RTPs, although they mostly conform to the industry standard. NetEnt games like Dead or Alive, Tiki Wonders, Wild Rockets, and Lost Island have the highest RTP, sitting at 96.5%.

Players should always check a slot game’s RTP before playing it. This is much easier in online casinos as the information is only a click or two away.