How to Win at Video Poker

Did you know a Las Vegas casino player recently won a record-breaking $1 million jackpot prize? That person won by playing a game of video poker.

This doesn’t mean you should log into the first online casino you find to play! You need to learn how to win at video poker first. Blindly betting is a quick route to losing cash.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. With the right table and effective video poker tips, you too can win big. Become a better and more successful player with our tips below:

Play At A Legal Casino

The first important tip is to only play at a legal casino. This guarantees you won’t get in trouble. It also ensures you won’t get scammed, especially if you play at an online casino instead of a physical location.

Finding a legal physical casino doesn’t require much effort. The big establishments often display their permits front and center.

If you play online, it’s a safer step to first go check this online casino directory. This will guarantee you don’t wind up in a shady site.

Read The Payout

Found a legal website to play video poker? That’s great, but the next step is to select the right video poker table. Not every table pays the same.

Regardless of the kind of video poker you choose, from Deuces Wild to Jacks or Better, look at the payout chart. Take a closer look at how much you’ll earn for betting one token/coin. You need to check the winnings for a Full House and Flushes.

The best payout is a 9/6 chart. This means you’ll earn nine for the one coin you placed whenever you win a Full House. You’ll win six for one with a hand of Flushes.

Other tables offer much lower payouts, such as an 8/5 or 7/5 ratio.

Cards To Hold

Depending on the type of video poker you play, you need to learn which cards to hold. Jacks or Better is one of the most basic forms of video poker and also the easiest to master. Learn to hold the higher cards and any pairs you have.

When it comes to Deuces Wild, never let go of those 2’s! The game’s rules allow you to substitute those deuces for any card you need. This can help you score a Deuces Royal Flush.

Bet The Maximum

It’s disappointing to win at video poker and only receive a small payout. Maximize your winnings by betting as much as you can. The average video poker table lets you bet five coins at a time, so make it a habit to do so.

Now You Know How To Win At Video Poker

Learning how to win at video poker isn’t as impossible as it might seem. Start by picking a legal online casino, check the payout, learn which cards to hold, and always bet the max. Following these tips will help you earn big the next time you play.

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