How to prepare for IIFT? What is the cut off for IIFT?

The admission process of IIFT is viewed as one of the most rigorous selection processes for MBA universities because of its different placement tests, written ability test, and thorough CV structure, in addition to other things.

IIFT Preparation 2022

There is no shortcut for IIFT preparation 2022 with a self-study which doesn’t need any coaching until and unless you are stuck. Experts accordingly suggest that you begin your IIFT exam preparation by self-study and later make it a blend of self-study just as help from coaching to keep away from wasted time.

  • Self Preparation is the best preparation technique for IIFT 2022; anyway, time is additionally a significant element. If an applicant stalls out on some question because of his/her absence of reasonable clearness, the wastage of time is more, and discouragement starts to set in. It may require a basic push to emerge from the shallow waters. Your IIFT tutor can give this assistance on the web or offline depending upon your inclination or a blend of both.
  • The majority of the up-and-comers coming from Engineering or other specialized foundation think it is difficult to coexist well with Quant, DI, and LR. Still, regarding Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, they find the section excessively difficult. It is the place where they need expert guidance.
  • IIFT preparation 2022 requirements improvement in your speed and precision as an opportunity to tackle every question is less. You have around 1 moment for every question to manage. With its shifting scoring framework, the checking plan in the IIFT exam expects you to zero in additional on high-scoring questions. One next to the other crosses the qualifying cut-offs in each section of the IIFT exam. Hence, it will not be adequate to score high in IIFT 2022 generally.
  • IIFT 2022 preparation should allow you to sit continuously for over 3 hours without a break. To achieve this, you are needed to take more Mocks, IIFT earlier year test papers.

IIFT 2022 Cut-off

IIFT cut off will be different for the three IIFT grounds Kolkata, Delhi, and Kakinada. Applicants who will meet the recommended cut-off (by and large and sectional) will be shortlisted for the further selection process of IIFT. The cut-off for the IIFT exam has differed broadly depending on the difficulty level of the exam and the number of competitors proposed to be shortlisted by IIFT for their GDPI process.

For example, the cut-off for general class competitors in IIFT 2012 paper was 50 marks which were the most elevated in the most recent couple of years; in 2013, the cut-off was around 47.5 marks. In 2014 it was just about as low as 38.5, and in 2015 it went up to 48.5.

IIFT Cutoff 2022-Expert perspectives

According to experts, the normal cut-off for IIFT 2022 for the overall class can be predicted on the earlier year’s IIFT entrance cut-off:

  • Generally cut-off around 113 (+/ – 3) marks.
  • Section A-Quantitative Reasoning-The section had extensive and difficult questions. A score of 14-16 marks would be a decent score.
  • Section B – Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability-This was a genuinely simple section. The ability to scan &choose questions would have certainly made a difference. 32-34 marks are the normal cut-off.
  • Section C-Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning-With calculation-serious DI sets but simpler LR sets, the normal cut-off is 20-22 marks.
  • Section D – General Awareness-This section had the normal MCQs alongside matching the accompanying questions. There were 11 static GK and 9 current affairs questions. The cut-off is relied upon to associate with 6-7.5 marks.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to encourage for the final exam. If you follow the advice diligently, nothing can stop you from cracking IIFT.

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