How Much Do Pools Cost to Build?

The industry of swimming pools has a $1.3 billion market value and is growing at a 5% rate. A pool contractor can give you the gift of leisure and refreshment during the spring and summertime. These pools are an excellent investment that can change your home for the better – both in terms of equity and quality of life.

But, how much do pools cost? We’re happy to break it down for you. Keep reading for the pool building tips that’ll help you out.

How Much Do Pools Cost?

If you’re going to build a pool it starts with your budget. An inground pool will generally cost you about $20,000 and higher, according to averages. After getting some price quotes from a few different pool pros, you will have an easier time sticking to your budget and paying for it with no problem.

The pool might vary in price based on several different factors. Here are a few of the variables that might make your pool more or less expensive:

The Size and Style of the Pool

Consider the size and style of the pool that you’re interested in. Knowing the dimensions of the pool will help you calculate the labor and materials. Certain styles of pools might also rack up costs due to difficulty and the amount of time that goes into building it.

Here are a few in-ground pool styles that you might appreciate:

  • Consider the installation of salt water pools in your area
  • Fitness and therapeutic pools
  • An architectural pool with a sophisticated design
  • A large family pool
  • An indoor in-ground swimming pool

Knowing the details of what you’re looking for will affect the price. Size and style tend to go hand-in-hand as well. For instance, a lap pool will generally span 40 to 75 feet or longer.

Talk to a Pool Contractor

You have to also consider the discretion of the swimming pool contractor. These pros will offer detailed price breakdowns that let you know how much money you need to set aside. They can also provide financing for the price that you lock in.

Getting in-house financing makes the process easier and cuts out the amount of time you would have to spend reaching out to the bank or credit union. Be sure that the swimming pool pro is state-licensed and that they have bonding and insurance that will protect you and your property during the project.

Ask About Maintenance and Warranties

When finalizing the project, you need to find out if the pool pro provides maintenance and warranties for the work. This can be an easy way to get pool repairs and maintenance without it breaking the bank.

Opt for an insurance plan for your pool as well so that you have recourse in case it experiences any damage.

Build a Pool That You’ll Love

How much do pools cost? Now that you understand this answer and others, you’re ready to find the help of a professional that can oversee your pool installation.

Use this pool building guide to your advantage and check out our other articles related to leisure and recreation.