Different pros of going for Dedicated Server Hosting


When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, one of the major benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting is the increased reliability and performance. With this type of hosting, every aspect of your website is hosted on its dedicated server. This is achieved by an intermediate host, who maintains communication links with the main server. This type of hosting provides the highest level of security available on the internet today. The main benefits of unmetered dedicated server are:

Dedicated Server Hosting – 

More Reliable & Performance Increase in reliability and performance due to the dedicated servers compared to shared or virtual hosting. Some dedicated servers are fully managed, which means that your web hosting business performs all initial server setup, maintenance, and security checks, including anti-virus, tracking, monitoring, etc. Other dedicated servers are managed – you’re responsible for managing the server configuration, security, updates, etc. 

With a managed dedicated servers you can also request features that are currently not available on the managed version. For instance, with a VPS (virtual private server) you can install and use any application, software, or operating system of your choice.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are just what they sound like – 

A physical server that’s split into several smaller servers. A single physical server can’t support the needs of a business, but rather several smaller servers. In this way, a VPS can provide the benefits of dedicated hosting but with all of the benefits of shared hosting. 

However, because each VPS is a smaller portion of a larger server, the overall performance and reliability are affected. That being said, VPS still has a two-fold advantage over shared hosting – it’s a much more affordable option for a small part of your website, and it provides the security and reliability your website needs.