7 Key Reasons Why an Employer Should Hire an Apprentice

If you are thinking of hiring an apprentice, you might also wonder if it could be worth it and beneficial to your company. So, here are the reasons why you should hire an apprentice:

  1. Create a Custom-Made Skillset Through a Training Program

Most companies lack a definite training program. But, by being able to hire an apprentice, most companies are able to narrow down the skill set gaps since apprenticeships would often require a concrete training program.

You, as the employer, will be able to determine the gaps in your employee’s current skill set and build them in your apprentice’s syllabus. Developing your training program can create a good and fast learning structure for all your other employee training later on.

  1. A New Skill Set From Fresh Perspectives

Apprentices are usually younger and have a different skill set according to what they have learned from their undergrad degrees. As a result, they tend to approach things differently from what your current employers are used to doing.

As they are young and eager to learn, they bring enthusiasm to your workplace, fresh ideas and maybe a good change to your systems. Furthermore, as they are also more familiar with the current trend, they can give you a competitive edge in the market and deal with younger clients effectively.

  1. Increase in Work Productivity With Minimum Cost

Wages for apprentices do not cost much as you would often only be required to pay them with the minimum wage appropriate for their age. Meanwhile, training and acquiring new skill sets are important for an apprentice, enabling your company to get more jobs done at a minimum cost.

Apprentices can fill certain skill gaps, and when combined with your current employee’s skill set, your company’s productivity is most likely to improve.

  1. Increase Employee Morale and Retention

Apprentices add enthusiasm and eagerness to your workplace. In addition, the diversity they could bring into your workplace helps boost the morale of your other employees. And increased employee morale reduces staff turnover, reducing the cost of employee replacement and training.

  1. Create a Learning Culture

A learning culture is very important in a workplace. Without it, employees tend to be stagnant and continue old systems and ways even if they’re ineffective. So by introducing apprentices, you can also build a learning culture in your workplace. You can also encourage your other employees to keep on learning from each other and engaging in different challenges.

  1. Secured Future Employees

Apprentices tend to stay at your company even after their apprenticeship programs. Therefore, they are good long-term investments with good returns. In addition, they will help reduce your recruitment cost and other training.

Apprentices are already trained and tailored to the skillset you need so that they could be the skilled workers you’ll need in the future.

  1. Suitable for Many Industries

Apprenticeships are not only made for large production companies. Many programs cater to different industries like engineering, medical, construction, education, marketing, etc.

Through apprenticeships, you can build a workforce relevant to your company and needed skill set. Meanwhile, the idea may seem overwhelming because it may be new in your company, but many companies have already proven that apprenticeships are truly beneficial, and you can gain many advantages.