7 Brilliant Ways To Organize A Sideboard For Easy Entertainment

Finally, you can host a lunch at home and invite friends to catch up and enjoy some gossip. But do you know the state of the tableware inside those storage units? It could easily have turned into a clutter as you have not given it a thought for some time now. With everyone slowly starting to get back to the office and kids starting school, now is the time to organise the cabinet or, even better, remodel it by going for a new sideboard from Wakefit so that you can restart your social life in a bang! Whether you buy a new sideboard or organise the existing one, here are some expert design tips.

  1. Take out your Dining Ware

Whether you plan to buy a new sideboard for additional storage or reuse the existing one, the foremost thing is to empty the drawers and shelves where you store your Chinaware. Take out all the trays, table linens, plates, crockery, etc., on the dining table so that they come out of your existing storage. Wondering what you are going to achieve by this? The first thing is that it helps you get rid of the dust, dust, and odour due to lack of usage. The other thing this does is to give you a chance to know what is available, what needs to go, and what is outdated. Sometimes you may accidentally find missing items which you have been searching for a long time. Note down all the things that you want to donate or completely discard and also the things you need. Once all the items are out, it is time to vacuum, dust, and clean the sideboard or storage.

  1. Sort and categorise

Now that you have all the items out of the storage and have a list of things you need, you can send out the outdated bowls, plates, etc. With this, you have a fair idea of what is going out and getting into the sideboard. Sort out the items you plan to keep and categorise them. Keep the bowls together, plates together, spatula, accessories, linens, spoons, glassware, crockery, etc. Next, separate it based on the materials used. For instance, place all the glass on one side, Chinaware plates on another, etc. Do the same for all other items like separating wooden spatulas with steel, etc. Keep aside utility items like tissues, napkins, sniffers, rings, candle holders, etc. Now that you know the number of items that need to go to storage, you can now use the best sideboard cabinet online or make proper arrangements in the existing cabinet.

  1. Repair if Needed

If you are not in the mood to buy a new one, use the existing storage cabinet with doors by fixing wobbly shelves. Test drawers to check if they close and open smoothly. Give it a new coat of paint or varnish to make it look as good as new.

  1. Use Liners and Shelves

If you plan to use a wooden storage cabinet for your home, you can buy some liners, shelves, and accessories to organise it better. These basic things will not cost you too much but will help you arrange the sideboard or cabinets effectively.

  1. To create partitions, you can use upright carriers made of metal or plastic. This will easily help you access different kinds of tableware and make it easy to categorise other dishes.

2 .Another useful accessory to invest in is the non-skid liners. These ensure that the items remain intact and protect your dinnerware from getting damaged.

3 .Use felt dividers as an additional layer to protect the dishes and quilted cases for your expensive China.

4 .To store wooden items, use zipper covers so that it is free from dust and moisture.

5 .Purchase stemware racks for hanging the party essentials.

  1. Organise the Sideboard

You are ready to organise your wooden sideboard cabinet with all the accessories. First, keep metal carriers on the shelves, layout the cushion liners, and line the drawers and shelves with a cloth. Next, arrange the dinnerware as per the categories you made earlier so that things can be easily accessible.

1 .Dedicate the top and button of the sideboard to plates, and do not mix items.

2 .Use the felt dividers between plates before organising the plates inside.

3 .Keep the bowls on the bottom shelf on top of the plates as they will be safe from tripping.

4 .The top cabinets can be used to keep small spoons, spatula, forks, etc.

5 .Use basket trays to arrange napkins and tablecloths neatly. To prevent wrinkling, use cardboard tubes.

  1. Use Drawers for Smaller Items

Use the top drawers for smaller items like sniffers, candle holders, napkin rings, and coasters. Use zip-lock bags for every item category and put them in the drawers. To keep your home clean and tidy, have a place for everything so that everything is in place.

  1. Have Suspended Storage

Bring out all the glasses that you had segregated earlier and arrange them. Take the stemware rack and hook them to a shelf. Have a wine rack or a display area to show off your wine glass collections on the top shelf.

If you feel you don’t have enough storage despite having many cabinets and drawers, it comes to how you are storing things. All the storage in the world won’t be enough if you do not organise stuff properly. Follow the above tips and declutter the sideboards for the living room or dining room and entertain people easily at your upcoming parties.