5 wardrobe essentials for your fall capsule

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a small number of timeless neutral-colored pieces of clothes made of natural materials that never go out of style. These items are practical and versatile since they look good on people of all ages, heights, weights, and body types. A capsule wardrobe is sustainable, easy to make and combine and it saves you a lot of money because it only requires a one-time investment. If you are just getting started on this method, the easiest way is to create a seasonal capsule, and with fall being almost here, it is the perfect time to think about what you’ll need in the following three months. If you need assistance in figuring out what to purchase, here are wardrobe 5 essential for your fall capsule:

White shirt

A loosely tailored white shirt that fits you well is not only an essential part of a fall capsule wardrobe but also a classic item that will never go out of style. This apparel is so renowned because, despite its affordable price, it can turn any outfit into something richer, more elegant, and polished. A white shirt can be paired with denim jeans, black trousers from your work uniform, as well as with any skirt or even dress that you own, regardless of their length and design. The best white shirts are made of cotton or linen, which are perfect for the summer heat or sunny fall days, and they can be layered with a sweater, blazer, or vest when the temperature drops.

Knitted sweater

Fall is undoubtedly the sweater weather, so a knitted, practical, neutral-colored jumper is a must-have for this season. Choose your perfect sweater based on where you live and the activities you engage in on a daily basis. Go for a lighter sweater for warmer days or a heavyweight one if you live in a colder climate. Cotton and wool, in all of the latter’s varieties, be it cashmere or Merino wool, are the finest choices for a garment that will last a long time and still look new after many washes. You can opt for a basic knitted piece or for a more interesting one, such as an Irish sweater with distinctive patterns and designs.  If you are interested in purchasing an Aran jumper, check out Tara Irish Clothing to find a wide range of high-quality Irish sweaters in neutral colors made of 100% Merino wool.

Fitted turtleneck

Just like the regular jumper, a slim fitted turtleneck with a high rolled collar is a timeless piece that looks flattering on people of all ages and body sizes. This garment is easy to style with almost any pair of pants and jackets, and it will surely look great with the rest of the items from the fall capsule wardrobe that you will create. Go with a black or beige one for a classy, sophisticated look, or play around with different colors to add a splash of brightness to your outfit. The best fabrics for this garment are cotton and wool, with a small percentage of elastin which makes the turtleneck more elastic, easy to care for, and long-lasting.

Oversized blazer

Originally a men’s piece of clothing, over time blazers became a symbol of women’s movements and the fight for equal rights. Regardless of your style, oversized blazers go well with almost everything and make you look powerful and sophisticated. They are a perfect garment for a day in the office if worn with a white shirt and black pants, but blazers can also be worn with a crop top, loose jeans, and massive sneakers for an outfit that will make a statement. Blazers have the added benefit of being able to replace a jacket or coat on warmer days when you don’t want to be chilly but also don’t want to carry anything in your hands. Black, navy, and beige are the colors that work the best on a blazer, but you can also go for pink, blue, or even neon colors if you want it to be the accent of your look.

Trench coat

We all know that trench coats are a fashion staple, but few are aware of their origins. Trench coats were created during World War I, when soldiers wore them instead of the heavyweight greatcoats. Over time, their design has undergone several modifications, but they have always remained a favorite of both the military and ordinary people. These days, due to their versatility and minimalist design, it is impossible to create a wardrobe capsule without a trench coat. It is perfect for autumn and spring, but can also be worn during winter if properly layered with warm wool knitted jumpers underneath.  If you are looking for a perfect trench coat that won’t go out of style, you should take into consideration the three most important things: fabric, color, and length. The safest choice would be to go for a camel-colored cotton piece with a below-the-knee length.