5 Reasons You Should Have a Will

A will ensures that you are in charge of your own affairs and can name whomever you want to make decisions for your children if you become incapacitated. It stops minor squabbles and disagreements among family members from becoming major conflicts, especially when it comes to kids. A will also let the executor efficiently dispose of assets according to the instructions set out by the deceased person before they die.

You can hire a will planning attorney San Antonio to create a will. A will planning attorney will help you identify the titles of all your assets and inventory them. They will go on to explain how the will provides instructions to your executor, who then makes sure that they are properly distributed according to those instructions.

For now, let us now see into 5 reasons for you to have a will.

  • Saves family from legal disputes

Without a will, a court will decide the details of the distribution of your property. A judge may not always be in your favor and may give more to one party at the expense of another. Your family will have to go through a long, expensive, and complicated legal process to settle the disputes. However, a will ensures that you are in charge of the distribution of your property and you can name the person who will make decisions for your children if you die.

  • Better estate planning

A will is a good tool for organizing and planning your estate. It also prevents disagreements between family members, which could arise due to property ownership disagreements or even disagreements over the management of the child’s care.

  • Differentiates beneficiary from the nominee

You can have a will that provides different provisions for different members of your family. For instance, you can name two or more people as beneficiaries of your will. The beneficiaries are then in charge of distributing the assets according to your wishes. You can also set up a scheme through which one individual acts as a “nominee” for another individual, who is the beneficiary of the asset in question.

  • Helps you choose a guardian for minor kids and pets

One of the main functions of a will is to choose someone to make decisions and administer your estate following your death. You can name the people who will act as a guardian for minor children and pets.

  • Leave instructions for your digital assets

A will can give instructions for your digital assets, such as your email, Facebook account, and blog. These days social media sites are used as forms of communication. Having a will means that you can name the person who has the authority to access or manage these accounts on behalf of your estate.