5 Precious Metal Stocks You Need to Buy In 2022

Did you know that the precious metal market size is projected to expand every year of this decade from 2020 onward? In times as turbulent and unpredictable as these, more and more people are choosing to invest their money where it can be better protected from sudden economic shifts.

As it turns out, a variety of precious metals have been time-tested and proven to retain value throughout recessions big or small. Are you thinking about investing in precious metal stocks as we approach another pandemic year? If so, here are five stocks that you should think about buying in 2022 and why.

1. Gold: The Most Reliable in Precious Metal Stocks

Of course, gold is perhaps the best-known valuable metal throughout human history. For centuries, it has been the commodity against which the value of paper currency has been measured.

Used in all kinds of jewelry as well for its conductivity, it remains one of the most versatile and trustworthy options when it comes to investing in precious metals. It makes for a great first metal in which to invest, so if you are looking for a place to start, look no further than www.raremetalblog.com/gold-ira-companies.

2. Platinum

Known for its durability, shine, and resistance to corrosion, platinum is a relatively “new” precious metal on the scene, only becoming a commodity in the 18th century. Used in watches and jewelry as well as for catalysts in the auto industry, platinum is sure to see a rise in demand going into the future.

3. Palladium

Silvery-white with very high resistance to corrosion and heat, palladium is one of a few types of precious metals that belong within the platinum family.

Only found in trace amounts and rarer than silver and gold, it is used in electronics for its high conductivity as well as in medicine for surgical instruments and even blood sugar test strips.

4. Rhodium

Believe it or not, rhodium has recently been hailed as the “world’s most precious metal” due to its rarity alone. Though valued for its conductive industrial properties like most metals in the platinum family, it is primarily rhodium’s uncommonness that makes it a valuable investment.

5. Silver

Used far and wide in jewelry and all manner of tools and equipment, silver is perhaps the most common and thus least expensive of the metals listed here. However, what are precious metals if not highly sought-after commodities?

Silver’s wide range of uses throughout all industries means it is always in demand, making it a dependable investment.

Stay In-the-know and Keep Your Money Safe

Precious metal stocks are far from the only viable investment opportunity you can take to protect your money in uncertain times. The first step to investing wisely and staying ahead of the curve is keeping yourself informed!

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