5 Nutrition Suggested Foods to Eat Everyday for Better Health


They say health is wealth, and they are not wrong. In this era, health is a crucial factor. Everyone is busy working and doesn’t have enough time to have some peace. People work from day to late night. Hence, everyone must consume healthy food that gives them energy. These days, everyone opts for readymade or junk food from the commercial chest freezer in retail shops. Know that junk food will do you more harm than good. It will make your body week, and become the cause of you getting diseases. Junk food is not hygienic, and it only makes your health worse. Therefore, everyone must include healthy food in their diet. There are many naturally occurring food that can give you energy. They are high in vitamins, nutrients, proteins, minerals, healthy carbs, and many other nutrients. Below we have mentioned five healthy food to eat that nutritionists suggest.

  • Fruits

Fruits are the world’s most popular healthy food. The best thing about fruit is that they are easy to incorporate into your diet. You can take fruits as breakfast, meal, or snack. Apple is the best fruit to add to your diet. Apples are high in vitamin C and fiber, and they have numerous antioxidants. Avocados are also a healthy addition to your diet. They are different than most fruits because they have lots of healthy fats instead of carbs. They are high in potassium and fiber. Some other fruits you should eat every day are oranges, bananas, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, olives, peaches, mangoes, raspberries, and plums.

  • Lean Proteins

The upcoming healthy food is none other than lean protein. Know that your diet is never complete without lean proteins. Humans need lean protein to grow and maintain muscle mass. Know that consumption of lean protein can balance the blood sugar level and strengthen the muscles. The required amount of lean protein for an individual may vary depending on sex, age, and weight. Studies say that the best lean protein is fish and black beans, which are a high source of protein. Some other proteins include chicken, beef, mutton, bacon, and turkey.

  • Veggies

How can we forget veggies when talking about healthy foods? No lies that vegetables are the best food you can find. They are high in many nutrients. They can also make you feel full and control your cravings. Leafy green veggies are a must for every person to consume. You can make salad, smoothie, or meal with veggies. You can also stir fry some veggies with any lean protein to make the most of the food.

  • Nuts

No matter what situation it is, nuts will never disappoint you. Nuts contain healthy fat that your body needs. If you are craving food at 3 pm, the best option for you is any nut. Consuming nuts can reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Nuts are also a beneficial food for people who are trying to lose weight. Make sure you include peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, and hazelnuts in your diet.

  • Dairy

The following healthy food is dairy. Everyone knows the importance of dairy products for their bodies. If you can tolerate dairy products, you should never ignore them. The best dairy product is cow milk and Greek yogurt. If you are vegan, you can choose plant-based products. Soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk are worthy alternatives for vegans.