3 Reasons Why You Should For A Trilogy Engagement Ring

Trilogy Engagement Ring

A three stone engagement ring may be ideal for you if you want an engagement ring that represents your history, present, and future together, all in one piece.

The significance of a trilogy engagement ring is explained in this article, as is the ring’s appearance and the best available designs and where to get one. You’ve come to the perfect spot for those who have yet to settle on a ring style or are merely undertaking research to get additional knowledge.

When it comes to an engagement ring, what is a three-stone ring?

Known as a trilogy ring, a 3-stone ring features three jewels set side by side. The centre stone is usually more extensive and taller than the two adjacent stones to draw attention.

Traditionally, the three stones represent your relationship’s history, present, and future. In a marriage, however, a three-stone diamond ring (e.g., for an anniversary gift) can also symbolise your commitment to your spouse.

Diamond Engagement Rings: The Advantages of a 3-Stone Ring

The symbolism of a trilogy diamond ring is its primary benefit above other setting options. It is possible to add a specific significance to these rings in addition to representing the past, present, and future.

Consider utilising ruby side stones if your recipient is a fan of the colour red. If she is a fan of the colour blue, consider utilising sapphire side stones. Birthstones can also commemorate significant anniversaries in your life, like your wedding or birthday.

You may make the receiver stand out from the crowd by giving them a three-stone ring, as they are less common than two-stone rings. There are a variety of styles (such as vintage) to choose from in addition to the more contemporary options.

Additionally, a trilogy engagement ring offers a multi-dimensional layer of brilliance thanks to the additional side stones. A well-crafted three-stone ring will indeed draw attention and make her the focus of attention.

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Buying a Three-Stone Engagement Ring: Some Proven Strategies

While purchasing a three-stone engagement ring, keep several things in mind.

As a starting point, it is essential to consider the form of the central diamond. For example, round or princess cut diamonds look their finest when set in a three-stone setting.

It’s better to use symmetrical forms like round or princess cut diamonds in the three-stone arrangement.

If your centre stone has an asymmetrical form (such as a heart or a pear), you must be cautious when choosing the ring design since the improper side stones may produce a mismatch. As a rule of thumb, asymmetrical side stones work nicely with asymmetrical centre stones.

Asymmetrical centre stones look better with ring designs that have fancy-shaped side stones.

The quality of the side stones used in a three-stone diamond ring is essential since they are larger than the central stone. The total carat weight, colour, and clarity of diamonds are just a few of the many parameters that jewellers consider when setting their prices.

You can buy a centre diamond with one colour grade variation apart if the average colour of the side stones is F-G. (i.e. E, F, G, H). G, H, I, and J are the best choices for centre stones if the average hue of the side stones is H-I.

The bench jeweller’s experience and the quality of their work are the most critical factors here.