Why Pick A PAPR?

Some workplaces, such as mining, construction, and healthcare, can be contaminated with a range of airborne substances. Respiratory protection is paramount to protect against occupational exposure which can cause serious respiratory illness.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) are indispensable in these industries, acting to protect the worker welfare as they complete their daily work tasks under these conditions.

What Are PAPRs?

PAPRs are a type of respirator that protects the user from hazardous airborne particulates, gases/vapours, and other contaminants. They work by utilising a battery-powered fan to push air through an air-purifying filter, thereby supplying clean air to the breathing zone for the user. A PAPR usually consists of a battery-powered unit, a filter, and a headpiece. PAPRs are used in combination with other hazard control measures.

Although there may be a higher initial investment for a powered APR, there are a few key benefits of PAPRs:

  • Greater assigned protection factor than other non-powered respirators
  • Low breathing resistance provides comfort throughout the day
  • Reusable and low maintenance
  • Highly versatile across different industries

It’s important to note, the performance of PAPRs depends on the correct selection, fit, and situation of use. All manufacturer specifications should be adhered to in order to meet the stated performance requirements.

Photo credit: CleanSpace

Smart Technology

When picking a powered air purifying respirator, consider the benefits of CleanSpace Respirators:

CleanSpace Power Units

  • The power unit delivers up to 220L/min air flow
  • Provides clean air for up to eight hours to last for a full shift
  • User can quieten the motor when performing medical tests, such as using a stethoscope
  • Positive pressure unit, meaning contaminated air is unable to infiltrate the system and impact the user

CleanSpace Masks

  • The mask is made of soft medical grade silicone (latex-free), providing a comfortable moulded seal
  • Masks are transparent for clear voice transmission and ease of communication
  • Half- and full-face mask options are available

CleanSpace Design

  • Lightweight with no cables, hoses, or belt-mounted battery
  • Durable enough for industry, yet ergonomic for the healthcare setting
  • Compatible with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other wearable equipment (such as welding shields)

CleanSpace Filters

  • Ambient air passes through air-purifying filter to provide fresh clean air to the user
  • Variety of highly efficient filter options available

CleanSpace Applications

CleanSpace respirators have been deployed across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to construction. CleanSpace respirators include:

  • CleanSpace2: Designed for workers in general industrial environments
  • CleanSpace ULTRA: Designed for workers in environments requiring face/eye protection and water tolerance (IP Rated 66)
  • CleanSpace EX: Designed for workers in potentially explosive environments
  • CleanSpace HALO: Designed for healthcare and frontline workers in clinical settings

Picking A Respirator

Picking a respirator is no longer confined to hot, stuffy, disposable mark or heavyweight PAPR systems that are cumbersome, expensive, and difficult to use. CleanSpace offers leading edge technology with the best respirators on the market for comfort and performance.

Want superior respiratory protection on the job?contact trusted experts to get help with picking the right PAPR.