What Is The Flower Of Hope?

Flowers have always been used as a symbol of emotion. Flowers have become a popular medium for expressing a message or implying a certain feeling. For example, red roses are known as a symbol of true love. Many even call it the queen of flowers. In addition to red roses which symbolize love, there are also white roses that symbolize purity.

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In addition to flowers as a symbol of love, some flowers symbolize hope. What are they?

  1. Chrysanthemum Flower

This flower is quite popular among flower lovers. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this flower is also superior because of its various colors. In addition, this flower also has a distinctive aroma. That is why this flower is also often used as a tea ingredient.

Chrysanthemum is a plant of the Asteraceae tribe. Chrysanthemum consists of 2 types, namely standard chrysanthemum and sprays chrysanthemum. Standard chrysanthemums are chrysanthemums that have only one flower on one stalk. The flower size is larger than the spray chrysanthemum. Spray chrysanthemum is a chrysanthemum consisting of 10 to 20 flowers on one stalk. Spray chrysanthemum is often used as an ornamental plant. Usually, spray chrysanthemums are put in pots or planted in the yard. While standard chrysanthemums are often used as cut flowers.

The beauty of this flower makes this flower ranks second after the rose as the most popular flower in the world. Developed countries such as Japan, England, France, Singapore, China, and also Hong Kong are eyeing this flower. The demand for chrysanthemum flowers is always increasing from time to time.

About the meaning and significance of flowers, chrysanthemums have different meanings depending on the country. In China, the chrysanthemum is considered a symbol of nobility. That’s why this flower occupies the highest position. While in Japan, this flower is believed to prolong a person’s life. Only by placing chrysanthemums in a wine glass can we guarantee our healthy and long life. In addition, in Japan chrysanthemums also symbolize the sun.

In Chicago, chrysanthemums symbolize joy. But even so, in Austria and Belgium, this flower actually symbolizes death. That is why their chrysanthemum flowers are used as funeral flowers.

Broadly speaking, red chrysanthemums can represent feelings of love for a loved one. Yellow chrysanthemums have the meaning of joy, optimism, and cheerfulness. But some interpret the yellow chrysanthemum as a sign of questionable love. Either unrequited love or unrequited love. Purple chrysanthemums have the meaning of a strong spirit. White chrysanthemums have the meaning of loyalty and honesty. If a lover gives a white chrysanthemum it is a sign that he really trusts and loves his lover sincerely.

In addition to color, we can also see its meaning from how many stalks of chrysanthemum flowers are given. One stalk means “My love is yours alone”. 12 stalks mean two hearts united. 13 stalks mean “I am your secret admirer”. 24 stalks mean “I think about you all day for 24 hours straight”.

  1. Iris

The iris is the national flower of France. This flower has been a symbol of the French state since the 13th century. This flower is one type of flower from the Iridaceae family which consists of 300 species.

In a religious sense, the three petals of the iris symbolize the Trinity. In modern France, people believe that this flower symbolizes hope, loyalty, wisdom, and courage. Iris is also considered a bearer of good omens. Iris is not only a symbol of the royal family but also the protection of the gods.

Louis VII of France was very fond of this flower. He inaugurated the iris as an exclusive royal decoration. He also adorned his robes with irises. Palaces are decorated with irises and are considered a symbol of perfection, light, and life.

Iris is also believed to be related to Ancient Greek mythology. According to Interflora, the iris is a rain-robed goddess who was sent to convey a message between heaven and earth with the rainbow as an intermediary.

The Ancient Greeks planted purple irises on the tombs of women. They believed that they would attract the Goddess Iris to lead their loved ones on their journey to heaven.

Like flowers in general, the iris also has a variety of colors that determine its meaning. The blue iris has the meaning of hope and belief. The yellow iris has the meaning of passion. The white iris has the meaning of purity and innocence.

Flowers with the meaning of hope can not only be used in sacred moments such as weddings but can also be given to people who are sick. By giving flowers, we also give hope for healing for them. Besides flowers, we can also replace them with a get-well-soon hamper.