What Is a Mid-Range Speaker?

Frequencies determine the pitch of a sound, posing more than 20,000 pitch variables.

A single speaker can’t account for all of those sounds. Some speakers cater to the low end, while others are made to produce high-quality sound for the high end.

Most of the sounds we hear in music come from the mid-range, though. That’s why mid-range speakers are so important when it comes to sound systems. We’re going to discuss your sound system today, giving you some insight into ways that you can improve it with a better mid-range speaker.

Let’s get started.

Things to Know About Your Mid-Range Speaker

Any good sound system includes a few essential pieces. You should have a quality receiver, amplifier, equalizer, and mid-range speaker.

The signal enters the equation through the receiver, which tends to serve as an equalizer unless you buy an additional unit to enhance your ability to manipulate the sound signal. A receiver allows you to flesh out the bass, treble, and panning variables of the audio.

Once the signal is ready to go, it’s boosted through an amplifier. The amplifier just expands the signal so that your speakers receive it at the proper volume. That’s when the mid-range speaker comes into play.

You can get by reasonably well with an excellent mid-range speaker alone. These speakers pick up a bulk of the frequency range and express them without a problem.

PRV Audio Brazil offers a good selection of mid-range speakers. These speakers are particularly important for car audio.

Buying speakers for home audio is typically a little easier because the speakers include components that express high, low, and mid-range frequencies.

Things are more separated when it comes to cars, though.

Buying Car Speakers

The mid-range speaker is the absolute most important piece of the car speaker selection.

Investing more in the middle range will provide you with an affordable way to get an excellent sound. You can put some money into tweeters and subwoofers if you want to optimize the rest of the frequency range as well.

Make sure your budget allows for a solid mid-range speaker selection, though, because those are the speakers that provide the majority of the music.

Benefits of Tweeters and Subwoofers

While it’s not necessary to buy additional speakers for the high end and low end of your car audio system, it will definitely improve your experience. There are a couple of reasons that these additional speakers improve things.

For one, door speakers that produce high, middle, and low-frequency sounds can only do so at a certain volume. Once you get loud, things start to blur.

Second, speakers that are dedicated to particular sounds allow each sound to express itself independently and purely. Each aspect of your audio will be crisp, high-quality, and enjoyable.

Want to Learn More About Improving Your Sound System?

Hopefully, our look at the value of a mid-range speaker was useful to you. There’s a lot more to learn if you’re becoming an audiophile, though.

We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on how to improve your sound system and enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard.