Tips to maintain your Air Conditioner healthy

A household Air Conditioner is made of various components such as Fins, Filter, Coils, drains etc, which are required to be serviced or cleaned periodically for better efficiency, cooling and lifespan of Air Conditioner. To have an air conditioner and not properly working in the hot summer, when you need it the most, can be a big nightmare. Regular Servicing is required for the proper functioning of AC. Following are the tips for better functionality of your household AC and processes to be covered in General servicing.


  • Cleaning of Fins and Air Filters 

Air Filter works to clean the incoming air and provide fresh air. In this process dust gathers in the Air Filter and becomes the hindrance for the on-going air cleaning process. In the same way, condenser Fins also gather dust. The dust accumulation on Air Filter and Fins causes low cooling capacity and ice development on Air Conditioner. In Servicing, these components are washed and cleaned.

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  • Cleaning of Drain and checking for spillage

There can be pooling or dribbling of water inside the unit, which the technician checks and cleans the dust and waste from the drain. He also checks if there is leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the unit. This is required to prevent the water leakage issue. 

  • Always Check for the Coolant level

Always check for the coolant level while servicing your AC. Most air conditioners come with a 1-to-5-star rating. Therefore, reduce energy consumption as the star rises. For example, a 5-star air conditioner uses less power compared to a 3 star Aces. Next time you go shopping with an air conditioner you need to keep this in mind. Click here If you are finding the best contractor for your AC service. 

  • Take Care of Compressor by covering in Winters

Use a proper compressor cover when AC is not used during winters. The cover prevents the dust from entering inside the compressor. 

  • Professionally Deep Cleaning: 

Cleaning of The AC is a very important task to perform. It should be done by professionals. Always ask professional for deep cleaning.