Tips For Those Who Want To Enjoy Gastronomic Tourism!

So, if you think this type of tourism is only for those who can afford expensive restaurants, know that you are wrong! The best part of gastronomic tourism is outside the restaurants, in street food, stalls, and neighborhood restaurants. By the way, this type of tourism suits all tastes and budgets. In addition, it is common to find guided gastronomy tours with The International Kitchen® for example that you can hire before or during your trip. However, if you want to visit the places on your own, it’s important to research and plan so you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

Search Your Destination

First, research a lot about the destination if you want an unforgettable experience when doing your gastronomic tourism. Nowadays, with all the access to technology, it is much easier to search for restaurant and hotel reviews. That way, you avoid not-so-pleasant surprises. In addition, it is also interesting to research the typical dishes and restaurants that serve them. By the way, try to understand how the local gastronomy works, the research used seasonings, and where to find them for sale. You can even take home a souvenir of this amazing trip!

Beyond What’s On The Plate

One of the main gastronomic tourism tips or Best Sellers tours on this list is not to focus only on what was served on your plate. In this sense, this type of tourism immerses you in the local culture and history, so try to exchange information about what you are eating. Moreover, with gastronomic tourism, we can understand realities different from ours, in addition to the tradition of each people. So, try to understand how the whole cuisine works and where the ingredients come from, and talk and exchange experiences with the natives. This is certainly a style of tourism that is worth knowing.

Try Everything

Well, one of the secrets to a good gastronomic journey is curiosity. That’s right, try to understand what is being served and try everything you can. By the way, forget what you like or dislike about your homeland. So, try again to taste spices and foods you might not eat at home.

In this sense, try to understand the combinations made by the natives. So, even if it’s spices and foods you wouldn’t combine, try to taste! Only in this way will you be able to have an authentic gastronomic experience of your destination.

Local Restaurant

First, if you are looking for gastronomic tourism tips, you must have already made your list of renowned restaurants to make your reservation, right? Then you can cross them all off your list! Although it is also pleasant to visit exquisite restaurants, they represent only a small part of the local cuisine. Therefore, research which neighborhood restaurants are most frequented by residents and put them on your list. You can also seek directions from hotel or inn employees or ask local workers. What counts is gathering information!


At first, when we think of a gastronomic tour, we immediately think of typical dishes and different foods. However, there are excursions and food tours that include full tours of breweries and wineries in the area. This way, it may be a good idea to get to know plantations, traditions, and history and enjoy tasting typical drinks from your destination. By the way, most food and drink tours include appetizers or meals with local specials! So you can take a complete tour!

Furthermore, one of the places right here in Brazil with incredible cuisine is Bahia! So, check out the best places in Bahia for gastronomic tourism. Check out our tips below!