The Complete Guide to Choosing a Freelancer for Your Project

Close to 40% of people in the United States make up the gig economy. People are getting paid freely and lucratively today for their talents and gifts.

Companies also benefit from this, since they can get professional-level work without having to pay a full-time salary and benefits for every position. You’ve got options for freelancers, but you must learn how to find the right fit. We’re happy to explain how.

Let the tips below guide you when you’re choosing a freelancer.

Choose From a Wide Pool

You have a much greater chance of finding the right freelancers when you have a quality pool to choose from. Check out freelancer databases and create an online job post looking for talent.

Consult with a staffing firm as well, and have must-have credentials laid out so that you hire a freelancer that is qualified to contribute right away.

Start With Their Portfolio

Check out the previous work that the freelancer has completed for other clients. When you’re looking to fill roles with a freelance digital marketer, writer, graphic designer, or other professional, they’ll usually have an extensive portfolio that you can browse.

Many professionals today set up their websites to double as portfolios, so you can see the project they’re most proud of before even contacting them. The freelancer should also have some references that you can consult. Follow-up with references to find out about their experience working with the freelancer, how they handled meeting project deadlines, and other such information.

Discuss the Project and Draw Up a Contract

Once you know what role you need a professional to fill and have a shortlist of candidates, it’s time to hash out the business things again. Find out how much they usually charge for their services and create a budget for how much you’re willing and able to pay.

Consider whether you will owe them a freelance assignment fee. Keep in mind that, as 1099 contractors, your freelancer is responsible for handling the taxes.

Manage the Project and Consider Repeat Business

Don’t make long-term commitments to any freelance professional you hire right away. Gauge how they handle the first project, and then use that as a barometer of whether or not you’d like to hire them for repeat projects.

Use a project management database to make certain that you’re on the same page about the rate, deadlines, and other aspects of the project. Keep an archive of any contracts or other documents that you’ve both signed throughout the process.

Choosing a Freelancer for Your Project

These tips are helpful whenever you’re choosing a freelancer for your next big project. We live in the freelance economy today, so you need to know how to navigate it whether you hire freelancers regularly or occasionally.

Let us be your one-stop-shop as you work on growing a business that will bring in profits and serve customers. Begin with these tips and check out our other posts related to business, marketing, and other aspects of e-commerce.