Take My House! How to Get Rid of an Inherited Home You Don’t Want

Over 36% of home buyers look for turnkey homes to buy. In other words, more than one in three buyers won’t buy a house that needs work.

As a result, you’ll face some challenges if you need to sell a house that needs work. Unfortunately, many people inherit homes each year that desperately need work.

So, if you recently inherited a home in poor condition, what are your options? The good news is that you have several options for selling an inherited home, but there’s only one simple option.

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Look for a Cash Buyer

You can sell an inherited house through a real estate agent or for sale by owner. However, neither of these methods offers a fast and guaranteed sale. The only way to lock in a guaranteed sale is by selling to a cash buyer.

A cash buyer is a real estate investor that buys homes for cash. They do this to make money through real estate transactions.

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Request an Offer

After contacting the cash home buyer, you can ask for an offer. At this point, the cash buyer will review your home, including its location, size, and condition.

The cash buyer then writes an offer for your home. They will likely offer a lower amount than your home is currently worth. They must do this to make a profit on the purchase.

Review the Offer

Next, you can review the offer after receiving it. You’ll see that the offer contains only a few details. This is because you’re selling the home as-is.

The buyer won’t ask you to fix things, update things, or change things. Furthermore, they won’t ask you for any contingencies.

As a result, you can’t sell your home faster through any other method. Additionally, it won’t cost you extra money to sell your house. Instead, you’ll receive the full amount offer minus the balance you owe on the house.

You’ll want to keep these thoughts in mind as you review the offer, and you must respond to the offer by the deadline listed on it.

Close the Deal

You can have a fast and guaranteed sale by following these home selling tips. Additionally, you’ll close the deal quickly.

A cash home sale takes only two to three weeks, and you’ll probably need this time to empty the house.

Some cash buyers don’t require emptying a house before closing, but you can ask your cash buyer to learn more about the requirements.

Sell an Inherited Home Quickly With a Cash Buyer

You can sell an inherited home quickly if you choose a cash buyer. Cash buyers purchase houses in all areas, and they’ll give you an offer for your home.

You can follow the tips listed here to sell your home quickly.

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