Reasons to Order Pepperoni Pizza This Weekend 

Don’t just sit there and listen to what people say! Pepperoni pizzas are absolute love. Many people feel that since pepperoni is procured from pork, it’s unhealthy. Of course, pork is fattening, but having pepperoni pizza once in a while isn’t going to hurt you. 

If you ask us, it’s the tastiest kind of meat on this planet. Pepperoni pizzas are comforting and they go pretty well with cheese. 

There are too many reasons to order pepperoni pizzas this weekend. Here’s a quick post that highlights all the reasons to order one! 

Going beyond sausage pizzas 

There was a time when sausage pizzas were all over Instagram and other social media channels. 

Pepperoni has become a preferred topping for most pizza lovers. It’s not just a trend in America but everywhere else. People in Canada love a good old’ pepperoni pizza. It’s salty, juicy, and when you pair it with cheese, the meat goes with it beautifully. 

While sausage pizzas are yummy, try eating a pepperoni pizza. It looks Insta-worthy and tastes heavenly. Try grabbing a sweet drink like orange juice or apple juice. It will also go well with a glass of sweet wine. 

Are we drooling right now? You bet! 

What’s pepperoni, anyway? 

Pepperoni is a cousin of Italian dried salami. It’s an aged and cured salami which you can add to pizzas and sandwiches. 

However, pepperoni is a steamed product. When it starts cooking, the fats of the meat will render. 

Pepperoni has a very meaty, salty, spicy, and fatty flavor. You love to bite into a pepperoni pizza simply because the cheese and the meat taste heavenly together. 

Pepperoni is very American, but the fan base is all around the world, especially in Montreal. 

Where can you find the best pepperoni pizza in Montreal? 

In case you want to enjoy a pepperoni pizza in Montreal, head to Pizza Restaurant Double Pizza. 

The pizza place makes fresh dough on-site and they ensure that you get a piping hot pizza right at your doorstep. 

There’s nothing like a fresh pepperoni pizza with some soda or a sweet drink. 

There are some great offers and combos that you can take advantage of at Double Pizza. So, give them a call, and order a piping hot pepperoni pizza today. 

Don’t miss out on the pizza combos! You might want to order as many for your whole family.