Problems You might Face As an Influencer on YouTube

Creating videos for posting on YouTube is an interesting and lucrative option. You get to have recognition, money, influence and various benefits once you become an successful influencer on YouTube. You would find that many hurdles of your life have been eased out on the basis of your identity. However, YouTube experts would suggest you to be prepared for some tricky situations during your work as an influencer on YouTube. Keeping them in mind would help you not being confused and find out the right thing to do at that particular situation.

What are some of the difficult situations you might face when you are an influencer on YouTube?

  • People not subscribing to your channel – This is a very common problem that viewers watch the videos but do not subscribe to your channel. This makes it really difficult to understand the number of people you truly influence with your videos. In such a situation, you should make requests to the viewers to get subscribed to your channel to get notified about the videos. This is a very common practice that most influencers take these days. They put in the request either at the beginning or toward the end of the video. This would bring in a lot of subscribers from among the people who watch your videos.
  • Inappropriate comments – Like any other medium, there are viewers on YouTube as well who are really rude while they are commenting on the videos. They might even say something personal which is in no way related to the video. It is important that an influencer ignores such inappropriate comments and focus on the good parts. YouTube offers you options to block such users or even block the use of some words which are really derogatory and insulting.
  • Video not getting circulated properly – YouTube works on algorithms which monitor the circulation of your videos and appearances on search results. You might find that even some of your best videos are not getting watched by many people. This could be the result of your video not being promoted by YouTube’s algorithms. You should ask your viewers to kindly like your videos because that really helps with the algorithms. Moreover, you should also ask them to share your videos on various social media platforms to bring in new viewers who would probably subscribe to your channel.
  • Lack of good ideas – This could happen with any influencer. He or she might not have enough ideas of creating videos on some days. It is generally advised that when you start creating videos, you should be prepared for the next hundred or so video ideas so that you could always add up to the number and never miss posting a video. You should always make modifications according to the events happening around the world so as to be relevant to the audience.
  • Videos and content copied – This is a very common practice where by some technical adjustments the YouTube videos of some influencer is downloaded and then reposted from some other channel without any permission. This is serious violation of copyright rights and is generally managed well by YouTube. When you see such wrong practices going around with your videos, contact the YouTube team and inform about the thing. YouTube would then take care that the copied video is taken down and the user who has done it is penalized.




There are various problems you might face being an influencer on YouTube but the platform has got you covered for most of them. It is important that you do not get scared, confused or depressed with any of them and take the right steps to deal with them. This would ensure that your progress as an influencer on YouTube has the least amount of hindrances.