Popular Trends With Hand-Knotted Rugs That You Should Know About! 

There’s a lot going on in the rug world these days, and today there are plenty of industry trends that rug shoppers should know about. It’s hard to tell exactly why there has been a massive influx in rug shopping in recent years, but the truth is that more people than ever before are investing in their flooring décor. 

The best rug style you can keep an eye out for is Hand-knotted rugs, because these are by far the highest quality in today’s marketplace. Many people think that hand-knotted rugs are too far out of their budget, but this simply isn’t the case anymore considering just how affordable online rug shopping has become. 

One of the best online rug outlets today is Rug Source, Inc., and we’ve partnered with their specialists to provide this list of industry trends that rug shoppers should know about. So take it from the seasoned pros in that these rug trends will help you find the area rug of your dreams! 

Vintage Rugs Are Still King 

Although there are plenty of new trends permeating throughout today’s industry, we would be remiss if we didn’t state the obvious fact that vintage rugs are as popular as ever. 

People simply love the aesthetics of vintage area rugs, and most of these rugs are hand-knotted to perfection. This means that you don’t necessarily have to be worried about purchasing an older rug that has had previous owners, because these rugs are made to last for decades, if not centuries, to come! 

Rug Layering Is Blowing Up In Popularity 

Rug layering has been a popular trend for the past few years, and it seems as though this industry trend is only going to continue to grow into 2023. What’s great about rug layering is that it’s opening the doors for may flatwoven rugs and thin piles to become more sellable, and this aesthetic style is bringing an increased amount of décor detail to living rooms everywhere.

Rug layering is providing a creative option for rug shoppers, and this is a great thing for the entire industry! 

Framed Area Rugs Are Now Common Pieces of Wall Art! 

There are many different rug styles that actually work better as wall art, particularly the ever-popular Kilim rugs that come from Turkey. There’s a lot to love about framing and hanging up an area rug, partly because it’s a unique style of art that breaks away from the norms of traditional paintings. 

More and more people are looking for this type of non-traditional wall art, and smaller area rugs are becoming a go-to option for homeowners that want to break away from the home décor industry’s norms! 

Sisal & Jute Rugs Are Now One Of The Industry’s Top Options

Sisal and jute area rugs have long been a go-to option for people looking to create a more earthy ambience within their homes, and this style has blown up in popularity in recent years. 

As more households attempt to be more eco-conscious in a variety of ways, it’s likely that this natural style of area rugs will be purchased at a higher frequency. So if you love earthy ambiences, then jute and sisal rugs might be the right option for you! 

Shag Rugs Are Back, Baby! 

Shag rugs first gained notoriety back in the 1970s, and this retro ambience is now one of the most popular options going into 2023. People everywhere love the idea of combining modern home décor with retro themes, and shag rugs just so happen to be a go-to option in low-traffic household areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Contact The Rug Source Experts To Learn More About The Trends Oriented Around Hand-Knotted Rugs! 

There’s a lot going on in the industry today when it comes to hand-knotted rugs and the shopping trends permeating around them. This is why it can often be overwhelming for rug shoppers as they’re just beginning their search, but the good news is that there are digital outlets on the Web that are perfect for making this type of home décor shopping more enjoyable. 

One of these online outlets is Rug Source Inc., and their specialists are available 24/7 when it comes to answering shopper questions about their massive inventory. You can get in touch with the Rug Source team by going to the link at the top of this page that’s connected to their hand-knotted rugs page!