Metal Roofs: They Leave The Roof And Go To The Walls

The metal tiles are widely used in commercial establishments, such as factories and warehouses, and we often see them in houses of roofing designs with a modern and contemporary look. A product that comes in various types of materials and offers numerous advantages as covering and wall coverings. Below we bring some ideas for you to use metallic tiles as a decorative element as well. You can click here to know more about our services

Composing The Facade

 Metal tiles can be produced from stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and galvalume. The strength of these different types is defined by the combination and thickness of the material. In addition, some models, sandwich tiles with filling, offer thermo-acoustic protection and ensure thermal comfort. The house project aimed at a renovation with cheaper elements and used galvanized tile for the roof and as a decoration, both for the exterior and the interior. The façade wall was covered with galvanized tile and also received a flower box on the windowsill. At the same time, the rest of the structure was kept with exposed cement, giving the house a modern and fully industrial appearance.

Decorating The Pediment Of The Sink

Using metallic tiles to decorate the interior of commercial and residential homes is an exciting idea and has gained many followers. We have already given some suggestions here for you to change the pediment of the kitchen sink in a different way and with good taste. Following this same line, you can also use galvanized tiles to give a different and innovative look to your kitchen, leaving it with an industrial and stylish look. To complete the decoration, the kitchen received cabinets made of natural plywood and yellow and white glossy lacquered wood on the countertop.

Lining The Entire Wall

If you are looking for an option to decorate the walls in a room but differently and originally, why not cover them with metallic tiles? In this project, the tiles became the protagonists and covered the wall of the apartment’s entire living and dining room. The metallic tone of the walls combined with the exposed concrete beams defines the industrial aesthetic of the apartment, which received colorful furniture and wooden floors to bring a hint of welcoming to space.