Invest in an account to shine in pokemon go

A pre-loaded or “spoofed” Pokemon Go account through various means provides a substantial advantage over a typical new account. These accounts may contain rare and powerful Pokemon, high-level trainers, large quantities of valuable resources like Stardust and Candy, and even unlocked features that would normally take months or years of gameplay to achieve. The individuals or companies selling these accounts employ a variety of methods to load them up, such as GPS spoofing to teleport around the world and catch region-locked Pokemon, bots, and scripts to automate gameplay and farming, and even outright hacking of the game’s code. While the ethics of these practices are hotly debated, there’s no denying the appeal of a pre-loaded Pokemon Go account for players seeking a competitive edge.

Advantages of buying a pokemon go account

There are several major advantages to investing in a pre-loaded Pokemon Go account:

Instant Access to Rare and Powerful Pokemon

The biggest draws is the ability to get your hands on Pokemon that are incredibly rare, region-locked, or only available for a limited time through special events having access to these Pokemon a huge boost in battle.

  • High-level trainers

Many pre-loaded accounts come with trainers at the maximum level of 40 or very close to it, saving you years of grinding required to level up through normal gameplay.

  • Stockpiles of resources

These accounts usually have massive stockpiles of valuable resources like Stardust, Candy, Revives, and more – letting you power up your Pokemon quickly without having to slowly accrue items.

  • Unlocked features

Certain gameplay features like the ability to submit new Pokestops or battle in the Go Battle League may be unlocked through pre-loaded accounts instead of waiting to reach the required level.

  • Time and effort savings

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the immense amount of time and effort saved by not having to grind through the game’s progression from scratch. You simply pick up where someone else left off with a major head start.

Risks of buying pokemon go accounts

Of course, buying a pre-loaded Pokemon Go account is not without risks that players need to be aware of:

Account Bans

Niantic, the company behind pokemon go accounts, takes a hard stance against cheating and botting. Any accounts found to be using prohibited means of advancement like GPS spoofing run the risk of being permanently banned, essentially wasting your investment.

Loss of progress

Even if your account isn’t banned outright, any illicitly obtained Pokemon could potentially be stripped from your account if detected, rolling back your progress.

Unknown Account History

When buying an account, you don’t know its full history – it could have been used for nefarious purposes like sniping rare spawns from other players, landing you in hot water with the community.

No Guarantees

Many sellers make bold claims about what’s included in their accounts, but you’re essentially taking them at their word with little recourse if the accounts don’t live up to the promises.

Proper Account Use and Security

Let’s say you’ve invested your money into a loaded Pokemon Go account – what’s next? The first and most important step is properly securing the account to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Changing the account email and password immediately
  • Enabling two-factor authentication
  • Updating the recovery email and phone number
  • Avoiding account sharing or public device use

While that’s how the account may have been pre-loaded, keep in mind even previously undetected cheating could trigger an account termination once you take ownership of it.