Don’t be Picky if you Want to  Find True Love?

Would you mind to be in a relationship with a man who does not dress up in a trendy manner? What about a man who is shorter than you? Someone who is bald? 

If your current life goal is to get a life partner and you have said no to any of the questions above I would encourage you to consider your answer.

Women would never want to be judged for the way she looks or for showing the common aging signs and we do not act the same way as men. It is not only being unkind it even is unwise: if you prefer only dating men who are 6 feet tall, amazing sense of style, flawless teeth and skin, and whatever else the list might include, you will block yourself in a box. 

If you are looking forward to finding the right man who is good for you then the New YORK dating service by in match making is what you should consider. If you want a life partner to fall in love with and one who is good for you, you must consider a few things. 

What are the reasons to judge men quickly? 

It is surprising to know the number of intelligent, capable women who have the goal of finding a life partner usually disqualifies an amazing bachelor just because they are bald or have various other reasons that are superficial. There are two reasons that this might happen –

  • Insecurity – it could be possible that when a woman is unconfident about their own appearance they use their partner’s appearance as a way to encourage their feelings about the way they appear. 
  • Expectations from the society – it could be possible that a woman gets pressurized by the society to have a good looking partner by her side.

How can you stop judging men for the superficial reasons in your mind?

In comparison with men, women are the ones who get affected by the superficial judgment. Women would never agree to it so they might just give a reason that there is no chemistry with a man who does not fit well in the list of physical qualification. 

For women like this, dating coaching and therapeutic work often helps them to let themselves to get rid of the rules and standards that were defined in the sorority days and leads them to interact with men as a normal human being and potential partner to live a happy and healthy life. 

Women love to be accepted and desire to be accepted as they are, being lumpy, bumpy, and having flaws, but still being loved. Why isn’t it the same for men? why not change by accepting men even though they are not flawless, tall, or hairy? By just opening up to such things, the number of possibilities will also improve for you.

Get the man who is good to you by nature and not just on the basis of society’s expectations. Accept men as they are as a woman wishes to be accepted.