Are you interested in pawning or selling your unused gold jewellery? Then you may wonder if your local Pawn Shop keeps your personal information. The truth is that a pawnbroker in Brisbane will keep your information on file for some time for good reasons. The fact is it is not to be invasive. Still, they help the local authorities to stop criminals from making money off the stolen merchandise.

How a Pawnshop Works 

Pawnbrokers understand that there comes a time when you might go through hard times. So dealers off you different opportunities to get fast cash for your scrap gold or unused gold jewellery. You can sell your precious metals or open a pawn ticket to loan against your valuables. 

Pawnshops work as second-hand dealers dealing in old and used jewellery that has value on the market. You get cash with an interest rate lower than using your credit card or a payday loan provider when you take a pawn loan. 

You get immediate cash without strings attached when you sell your engagement ring outright. The process is simple, straightforward, and fast. But when you take a loan against your jewellery, you can come back for your good within a specific period. 

So, when you enter a pawn shop to open a pawn ticket, you intend to return to get your item. Still, sometimes circumstances prevent you from doing this. The pawnbroker will base your loan on assuming that you will fetch your items.

Yet, there are times that people pawn stolen goods. This is why dealers keep your personal identification to help the police uncover the stolen property. In addition, the dealer will provide you with a straightforward and easy to understand agreement of the loan you take gathering your information.  

The pawn shop will give you a breakdown of your interest with renewal dates and a forfeiture policy. The plus side is you get a free appraisal when you present them with pieces of gold jewellery to sell or pawn. 

What Information Do Pawnbrokers Need From You 

The dealer will want your official ID when pawning or selling scrap gold. Depending on what you sell, if it has a serial number, they will also write this down with the description of the items. The pawnshop keeps the information for three to five years. 

On the other hand, they will save your information as a hard copy or electronic one to keep it protected. In addition, the information provided on the database offers the police access to it when needed to look into a stolen goods case. 

Your information is not shared with anyone except for the law enforcement database. After the period elapses, the data is destroyed. So, do you have old or unused gold jewellery you want to sell for a fast cash infusion? 

Speak to one of your local Pawn Shops to have your precious metal evaluated to walk out of the shop with cash today. Your information is secure.