Check out these easy steps of car importing to Canada

Being an avid traveler we understand your love and feelings for your vehicle. It just doesn’t feel right to leave it behind when you are traveling from US to Canada. Thus, people who wish to import their cars switch to licensed customs brokers for smooth exit from the borders.Before you plan to import a car to Canada, you must know that both you and your car have certain rules to follow.

Rules for transport from US to Canada are different for humans and vehicles. A good and reliable customs company will help you understand the laws and terms to pass the vehicle.

Follow these 5 easy steps of car importing to Canada:

  1. Check the car eligibility:

The first thing to check is the car eligibility. A list of cars is automatically approved by the country; however, certain cars have restrictions on the import. Thus, you need to know whether your car is following in the eligibility criteria for import to Canada.

  1. Send request for ITN number:

ITN number stands for Individual Tax Number. It is usually provided to non-Canadian residents. Every non-Canadian citizen needs an ITN number. You may have to submit a request for ITN number to the registrar. Once you receive an ITN number, half of your stress of importing the vehicle to Canada gets resolved there. Taking the vehicle across the border is a smooth sail from here.

  1. Find out the nearest customs office:

Find out your nearest customs office where you can pick for the necessary forms and formalities on car importing. You need to fill the forms properly and ensure no errors or mistakes in the same. Once you verify these forms, you may have to submit these back to the customs office.

  1. Get support from a trusted broker:

Many other steps are involved in car importing process. A vehicle also passes through inspection and tests before it gets a go ahead for crossing the borders. You must take support from a customs broker as they have cordial relations with the registrar to speed up the process.

  1. Wait for the clearance certificate:

Be patient for the clearance certificate. Let your broker receive the updates on your behalf and guide you on the next steps until you receive the clearance chit.

People planning to import a car to Canada must stick to a reliable and trusted Customs broker company.