Avoid These Common Mistakes as Parents When You Found Your Teen is Taking Drugs

Today’s teenagers face drug dangers that did not even exist previously. Substance misuse among teenagers has been a source of concern for parents. It is not surprising that parents are unsure of how to protect their own families against adolescent substance usage.

According to studies, at least 45 – 50% of teens will use drugs by the time they graduate from high school. It is never too soon for you, as parents, to act if you fear your kid is using either drug or have lately uncovered proof of drug use. In order to prevent and reduce drug use among youngsters, parents play a key role.

You may consider taking your teen to Concise Recovery Center, which is a well-known San Fernando Valley addiction inpatient treatment center if he or she is in an advanced stage of addiction.

We advocate avoiding these all-too-common blunders to safeguard your teen from the hazards of drug usage and to prevent your son/daughter from using drugs.

  • Assuming that such experimentation is normal

Don’t brush the matter off by saying that these days a little experiment is necessary. These drugs can seriously affect your teen not only on their health, but in their mental development too.

  • Failing to set any rules and expectations

Trusting your teen is ok to a certain extent, however, proper rules must be set so far as drinking and smoking is concerned. Don’t get tempted to offer an image of a cool parent.

  • Being judgmental/overly strict, instead of concerned and empathetic

Setting the rules does not imply that you become too judgmental or too strict on your teen. You must be empathetic and be concerned about your teen and must communicate with them regularly to know what is going on.

  • Ignoring potential issues related to mental health

Often during this age, your teen may become too anxious, depressed, frustrated, and also develop an eating disorder. Try to understand their issue and try to counsel them as a concerned parent.

  • Delaying seeking professional help

Don’t consider taking the drug at this age as a certain phase and it will be over sooner than later. If you have found any sign then you must act immediately to seek professional help to counsel your teen.

  • Ignoring family history

Often there may be a past family history of alcoholism and as a parent, you must share that and also the consequence. Also, you as a parent must set a good example and avoid taking excessive alcohol.

  • Not safeguarding medications

Often the source of drugs may be present at home, itself as certain prescript medication that you have not been properly protected from your teenagers.

  • Blaming other parents

As a husband-wife, you must speak in one voice rather than pointing fingers at each other if your teen is found to be a drug addict. It is the responsibility of both of you to protect your own teen child.

You must not take this issue lightly as it can have a serious repercussion on your child’s future life.