All That you Need To Know About White Gold Jewellery!

We generally associate gold with the brilliant yellow shade. However, another variety of gold that is fast gaining attention is white gold! It has started becoming popular only in recent years and is mostly bought by people looking for more modern alternatives to the normal and more traditional yellow gold. There can be many reasons why some people still have not considered getting white gold yet and if you are one of them, then read on to learn more about white gold jewellery and why it should be a part of your jewellery wardrobe!

What is White Gold, and how is it made?

Contrary to some beliefs, white gold is not made of any white metal. Although it looks as appealing as platinum and well-polished silver, it is still made of yellow gold, mixed with other metals to make it white. When you mix pure yellow gold properly with another metal, the alloy becomes white and very durable. The metals that are usually mixed to create white gold include copper, zinc, silver, nickel, and palladium and depending on these metals and their proportions – these can be shaded differently. Therefore, white gold jewellery is still gold, and you have nothing to worry about!

Why choose white gold?

One of the biggest reasons white gold jewellery can be an excellent choice is that it is the perfect combination of durability and luxury. When your budget does not allow you to get platinum, you could always go for white gold that looks as beautiful and shiny as platinum. White gold is also the best option for diamond jewellery since the shade of white gold can enhance the sparkle of the stones.

White gold jewellery brings a sense of sparkle and luxury to the eye, no matter the setting and is definitely the best choice for many occasions! There are also many options to choose from, and you will never run out of them! White gold jewellery is also not very difficult to maintain, and when properly stored, these would look as good as new for years!

Trending white gold jewellery options!

White gold jewellery can add a unique touch to your style, so here are some popular jewellery options you need to consider!

  1. White gold dangle earrings

An elegant pair of white gold earrings can be very classy yet subtle, providing the perfect elegant balance your outfit requires! Dangle earrings can be beautiful, but the ones made from white gold are extremely charming since they allow you to personalise them by adding elements you love! Diamond and pearl white gold dangle earrings can be an elegant addition to your outfit- suiting both western and traditional attire!

  1. White gold bracelet

While white gold bracelets are quite popular among women, they have recently become a trending option among men as well! A solid white gold bracelet can be the perfect accessory for men and a smart addition to their everyday attire. You could even go for more solid and statement pieces for wearing with your traditional attire!

  1. White gold pendants

A pendant made from white gold can be the brilliant, subtle addition your attire requires! A white gold pendant put through a dainty chain becomes a beautiful everyday jewellery option. Add in a few pearls or diamonds, and you have a wonderful piece of jewellery no person can resist!

  1. White gold bangles

Bangles are no longer a thing of the past, with white gold bangles trending like no other jewellery! Make white gold bangles even more beautiful by embellishing them with a few diamonds. Even if you do not go for diamonds or stones, these can still make an elegant piece of jewellery your everyday lifestyle deserves!

How to take care of your white gold jewellery

White gold jewellery usually does not require a huge cleaning process, but cleaning these pieces once in a while will preserve the beautiful shade of its surface. To clean your white gold jewellery, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Create a cleaning solution out of warm water and mild soap. Make sure you do not use any harsh detergents with rough ingredients like chlorine.
  • Soak your white gold jewellery in this water solution for about 20 minutes. If your jewellery contains gemstones, do not soak it but instead wipe it with a wet cloth.
  • Use a soft brush or a soft cloth to gently rub the white gold jewellery and remove dirt from the surface.
  • Rinse it again with warm water to remove soap residues and finally wipe dry with a clean towel.

Popular, precious, and simply too beautiful to ignore, let white gold jewellery be the next beautiful addition to your jewellery collection!