6 Things To Look For When Hiring An Architect

If you need to hire an architect in Denver, it is probably best to find architects from the local area. Numerous construction and architectural firms are around; so, finding the right firms like Galloway & Company, Inc. architecture in Denver may prove tricky. There are, of course, various factors that individual clients may prefer, but the six most important that you and every other client should look for are:

  1. Professional qualifications: Educational qualifications are basic requirements for architects, but industry-specific certifications are essential for some projects. Depending on how complex your project is, you might want to hire an architect certified in such designs.
  2. Level of experience: Architects who have had challenging projects are naturally more experienced than architects who oversee regular projects. You should consider hiring an architect who is experienced in different kinds of projects and has designed building plans for almost every type of client. You will feel better knowing that your project is in capable hands.
  3. Track record: Records of completed projects are quite easy to access even without contacting the architect or firm. For example, prospective clients can contact the public works department and find information regarding the projects completed by Galloway & Company, Inc. architecture in Denver. As most construction companies leave a mark on their brand, it is even easier to track their past projects and evaluate them before making a choice.
  4. Design portfolio: Architects keep a portfolio of past designs (with clients’ permission) and also, new designs from which clients can choose. You can visit a couple of architects and request design portfolios and then find the one that meets your needs. Most architectural firms today have their design portfolio online where clients can easily browse through.
  5. Specialization: Your construction project will determine the architect that you hire. It is best to let projects architects who specialize in specific forms of projects handle them. For example, if you need to build a Victorian-era house, only architects who specialize in Victorian architecture or have enough experience with such projects can plan the building to the best detail.
  6. Service delivery: The way an architectural firm delivers is vital. Modern technologies like 3D modeling improve the way architects work. That might influence your choice of a firm to hire. At Galloway & Company, Inc. Architecture in Denver, architects work with advanced modeling and design technologies to bring clients’ ideas to life.